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Adoptable Cats: A Few Special Seniors

long-haired black and white cat
tortoiseshell cat
Sadie Mae

Senior pets often languish in shelters, even longer than other adults. Our pets’ lives are shorter than ours, and once they get into the double digits the fear of their seemingly imminent loss can often outweigh the joy of their potential unconditional love.

It’s also not unusual that a senior pet is relinquished from a senior human either from illness, infirmity or even death, and losing their longtime person and home, often the only one they’ve ever known, is a trauma in itself.

Adopt-a-Senior Pet Month isn’t until November, but these kitties won’t wait. They are not yet in shelters but their humans are significantly changing their lifestyles because of illness and are trying to find homes for their precious cats before they, themselves, need to change homes.

woman and cat
Bitty with her person.
woman and cat
Sadie with her person.

Bitty and Sadie Mae

Pictured above, these two cats live with someone whose household is changing for illness and economics. Her elderly father, who suffers from COPD and emphysema and who needs a great amount of care, will be moving in with her after the recent death of her mother. Her son, who suffers from severe allergies, will also be joining the household, and the situation may continue changing. She has always lived with and loved cats but it’s with great sadness she has decided she can’t care for all of it.

Bitty is the senior kitty at age 18, though pronounced to be in perfect health at her veterinary appointment last week. She talks quite a bit about her food and sleeps a good bit of the time, and is friendly, relaxed and social.

Sadie Mae was a stray/feral cat who was rescued by her person at about five months old and is now only four years old. She’s a little shy but has learned to trust people and loves to play on her own and cuddle when her person sits to read.

The two are also good friends and their person would prefer they be together, but adopting or fostering separately is okay.

All the household moves will take place in November. Bitty and Sadie live in Freedom, PA, just west of Pittsburgh. Please contact Regina if you are interested in fostering or adopting either one, [email protected]
and phone 412-600-4208.

Photos provided by their owner.

two cats on counter
Mickey and Minnie (photo provided by The City of Elderly Love)

I don’t know these two at all but a friend shared their photo on Facebook. They are still in their home but are being sponsored by The City of Elderly Love in Philadelphia, a Facebook page “designed to spread the word about the amazing senior pets currently looking for homes in the Philadelphia & Tri-state areas.” A silver tabby and a tortie, very tempting…and after years of looking at peoples’ photos for portraits I can tell a lot about the role their pets play in their lives. These two are up on the kitchen counter, right by the coffee maker, right in their person’s face.

Hey friends, we have an urgent need to help one of our own! Mickey and Minnie’s owner was recently diagnosed with breast cancer and had a change in living situation in order to help battle the disease. Unfortunately, she is unable to continue to care for her 12 year old loved ones! They urgently need a new foster or adoptive home in order to avoid going to the shelter, which is already full. Let’s help this family avoid further turmoil!

Mickey (handsome gray tabby on the left) and Minnie (gorgeous calico on the right) are siblings from the same litter. They are both altered and de-clawed. They are not currently up to date on vaccinations, but we will certainly help their new fosters get the routine care they need. Can you help? Please email us at [email protected]!

All of these cats, even Bitty, still have lots of love to give, and deserve to have another chance at a good and loving home.

All photos were provided by their owners or rescuers.

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  • We purr very hard the two kitties can get a good home.
    We know how wonderful senior kitties can be as our Mickey
    was almost 18 when he went to the Bridge from cancer.
    Even older kitties can be delightful companions 🙂
    Purrs Tillie and Georgia,
    Treasure,Tiger, JJ and Julie

    • Thank you, Tillie and Georgia, keep on purring for all those older ones who deserve loving homes.

    • Texas, I do too, for their sake and for their people.


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