Thursday, July 25, 2024
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Peaches and Giuseppe, Sittin’ in a Tree…

cat paws
Peaches and Giuseppe holding each others' paws.

Well, they’re on the table and they are only “holding paws”, but I know they’re awfully fond of each other.

It’s more of a grandma/grandson thing too, but Giuseppe really is vigilant about Peaches; when she has a bad day he’s right there, just hanging out with her, touching her somewhere or using her for a pillow. Peaches does like other cats but doesn’t really like to be touched by them, except when Giuseppe holds her paw.

I’ve watched this for the past year or so, this from last spring and this from last winter, and there are plenty in between, even from before Peaches went into full chronic renal failure. Since then, except when it’s been really hot, Giuseppe is always at least near her.

This isn’t really holding paws because it’s Giuseppe’s hind paws, but he carefully placed them between Peaches’ front paws, and it’s cute anyway.


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