Friday, December 1, 2023
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On Planting Peas

photo of pea vine tendril
Pease Vine

It’s my annual paean to gardening and the cycles of life. While it may not seem to have much to do with cats and animal welfare, my garden, my backyard, my love of the seasons and enjoyment of all the creatures who live in my yard, even the slugs and groundhogs, is all rolled into one big idea. And for as long as I’ve been gardening, there has always been at least one cat who shared my work, and their spirits are as much a part of my garden as the living things.

Every year in the month of March I awaken one morning with the knowledge it’s time to plant the peas, another step in the flow of the seasons. Though I have plants growing indoors, this is truly the beginning of the gardening season for me. Whether it’s the sun, moon, weather, schedule or simple urge to get out there and get my hands dirty I don’t know, but I enjoy the simple manual labor without assistance from any electronic device, ears open to the birds, face feeling the breeze, hands and feet feeling the earth.

This photo is obviously not from today, but one of my favorites from pease past.

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4 thoughts on “On Planting Peas

  • That does sound like fun. Unfortunately, where I live, it is all red clay and it is like digging in bricks. So no more digging for this old lady. I used to have big gardens and lots of veggies. Can’t wait to see your pictures of all your produce and maybe a helper or two.

    • Marg, the former owners used this area as a parking lot for an RV, plus it’s solid clay from being strip mined years ago. Someday I’ll get a place with good soil, in the meantime I’ve got the top layer of this like cake mix.

  • Susan Stoltz

    Oh, I can’t wait! I too love to plant peas after the last frost. As soon as the kitties see me headed for the garden, they gallop along beside me, three tails headed straight for the sky. They enjoy the whole digging and weeding process and after that is completed, they share their joy by doing wheelies and doughnuts in the newly tilled soil. Potato planting is another favorite of mine and my three feline assistants!

    • Susan, I just have my Cookie with me now, but at one time I had three cats in the garden. I find it hard to work outside without one! Good luck in your garden this year! I have a homemade cold frame, but the peas and lettuce can withstand frost, freeze and snow, it just slows them down a bit. I can’t wait for the fresh salads!


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