Thursday, February 29, 2024
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Must Clean Toes, a Lifelong Task

tortoiseshell cat on windowsill cleaning toes
I have always had a smile at Kelly cleaning her toes.

Kelly carefully washes between each toe on one paw, then methodically continues with the rest, her tail happily curled in a semi-circle as she enjoys the spring sunshine.

I’m glad I don’t have to lick my toes clean. Even though I’ve watched my cats for years, I still can’t figure out how they keep themselves so clean by licking themselves. Kelly is a constant bather, and knowing her fastidious personality I’ve always thought she was trying to organize all her tortoiseshell speckles into some sort of order.


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5 thoughts on “Must Clean Toes, a Lifelong Task

  • I luvluvluv keeping my toes tidy…especially ‘cuz I have cute pink pads and they show up with dirt and so does my white fur on my toes…so I keep them verrrrry tidy…me and Kelly have lots in common, huh?! So I don’t know if you like, participate and stuff in the awards anipal bloggers give each other, but I awarded you one today on my Sunday blog. It is the Sunshine Award…and you have brought so much encouragement and sunny support to my recovery, I wanted you to have it. There are a few questions for you to answer and post if you want to…no prob if you don’t ‘cuz I know you are a totally busy bunch of cats…MOL

    • Savannah, I did notice your French manicure! It looks as if you dipped just your toes into paint. And you and Kelly do have a lot in common so I’m glad you got to meet. Just remember, if you ever get frustrated that you are still frightened and unsure of your surroundings sometimes, and even the people who love you, that Kelly was probably a teenager before the first time she sat on my lap, and she didn’t do it regularly until Peaches had been here a while, so that was just a few years ago. You are doing fine!

      Thank you for the award! I will answer it, and I have another blogger to apologize to who gave me one last weekend. I’ve been busy with big projects and keep running out of time, but don’t worry, I will play! And I’m so glad I can help to encourage you–or at least Kelly can!

  • Love your description 🙂 – organising her tortoiseshell speckles!!


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