Sunday, May 19, 2024
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Mr. Sunshine’s Bald Spot

black cat in spot of sun
Mr. Sunshine trying to get some tan on his bald spot.

Mr. S tries to get some sun on his bald spot, just his bald spot, and nothing else.

Mr. Sunshine suffers from male feline pattern baldness. You know, that bald spot on the guy’s belly? Some girl kitties have it too, which is unfortunate because then we can all see their spay scar, tiny though it usually is. It’s nothing to be embarrassed about, and if some kitties could keep their legs together and keep themselves right side up no one would ever know, but cats like Mr. Sunshine are compelled to air out their bellies in all weather. He is quite clever, though, to manage to position himself right in this little narrow beam of sunlight so that he can work on his perfect tan.


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2 thoughts on “Mr. Sunshine’s Bald Spot

  • my kind’a guy!! go for the tan Mr S! And yup, I kind’a have that little balding thingy going on on my tummy too…so far not so bad and not too noticeable…whew…

    • Savannah, Mr. S is shameless in exposing himself. I doubt that could be said of you!


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