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Mr. Sunshine at Emergency Again

black cat at vet
Mr. Sunshine chills in his Sleepypod at the emergency /urgent care hospital.

Mr Sunshine apparently wanted to see his friends at Rivers Veterinary Care on Tuesday. So I packed him into the Sleepypod and off we went.

Monday morning I noticed that Mr Sunshine not only wasn’t upstairs on the bed with us, he wasn’t on his self-warming mat when I came downstairs, he was on the cat tree and looking a little uncomfortable.

Last autumn’s high spiking fevers and abdominal pain started out just like this so I wanted to catch it early. I gave him a dose of Cerenia and an hour later when I fed breakfast he was fine and ate well. He went through his day at his normal pace doing his normal things and up until the time I left the house to visit the kittens in the evening. I gave everybody a snack and he was fine.

When I came home at 9:00 I couldn’t find him, always aware that he does have hypertension and some heart disease and things could happen in that respect at any time. Turned out he was under the table by the door on top of my shoes and indicating he had no intention to move. I still prepared dinner and medications and carried him in, but he left and went back under the table.

Below, what happens when a cat digs his way through your pile of shoes and displaces an area you haven’t cleaned probably since before he was born. I took the photo below yesterday after we came back and he was still drawn to it, and I have the mini-loop on his abdomen for some electromagnetic healing. It works for him and Jelly Bean as well as it did for Mewsette.

black cat under table
Sunshine under the table.

His temp a little later was 104, but he was alert and mobile and I’d rather wait until morning to take him to Rivers Urgent Care than to the overnight emergency hospitals. He did well in the bathroom overnight, on his side with his paws tucked in the morning.

I was in the parking lot at Rivers first thing but still others were ahead of me. It gave him a good long time to calm down before we went in, which is good for him. He had a thorough exam and temp was 105. He had bloodwork and a CBC, then a big dose of fluids to help lower his temperature. The only thing unusual looked like a high white blood cell count indicating an infection, but no particular abdominal pain like last time, at least not right now.

He was seen by the veterinarian we’d seen last autumn at this place. This time she doesn’t think it’s the same thing because his abdomen isn’t painful, she’s thinking more like a UTI or other general infection. I remember the abdominal pain seemed to build as time went on, but I also tried to take care of his symptoms at home last autumn unaware how bad the condition would become for him. So this time he again had Convenia, which worked very well last time. I am loaded up with fluids at home as well as B12 and lots of supplements, and the little mini-loop that has been working well for him since Monday night.

He’s been under a lot of stress lately and I’m not surprised, and I know he’s still grieving. I asked Ingrid to do another reiki session for him and that showed his heart chakra was still feeling depleted along with congestion around his kidneys.

Last night I put a dish of food in the bathroom with him, but he didn’t touch it. Today he did eat a portion of a squeeze-up, but no food. He still wanted to stay in the bathroom so I have kept the door closed and moved his self-warming pad in on top of the fluffy bath mats. The next time I went in he was stretched out on his mat looking really relaxed. I know the bath mats were comfortable enough, but it can be chilly if you don’t feel well.

I hope I see some progress through the day today.

Please send purrs!

So, critical cat care back to back and probably ongoing, this visit was $463. It’s really running my bank account dry, and I didn’t have a chance to update you on Jelly Bean yet (below). Please go ahead and visit my website and order up some things. If you chose, I also have a donation button on this page on this website. And if you did want to donate, my Paypal address is bernadette @ bernadette-k . com and my Venmo is @Bernadette-Kazmarski. And thank you for caring, whether you buy something or donate or not.

Jelly Bean with hyperthyroid disease and GI issues

black cat hunching
Jelly Bean doesn’t feel good.

Jelly Bean had his exam the day after Mewsette died. It was prescheduled and I just followed through because he was losing weight more rapidly and not eating enough at all—this is the one who tries to run around and has a bite out of everyone’s dish. He also wrestles with Mariposa and Basil before each meal, and that as recently as early May. Losing Mewsette was hard on him, and while I saw some changes in April most of the alarming weight loss and other changes happened in the last month before she died.

He was diagnosed with hyperthyroid disease, but his veterinarian also mentioned some possible GI issues, which is the same thing she mentioned with Mewsette at the end of March. For almost two weeks after his appointment we tried to see if he’d change after starting medication and Cerenia, then with an appetite stimulant, then with pain relief. I gave him fluids and a full dose of B12. At two weeks he was acting interested in food, but he would approach the food and not eat, only about a half of a squeeze up now and then. He was weak and getting wobbly, very upsetting and I thought I was just going to lose him no matter what I did. I have all the treats and techniques to encourage cats to eat and even trying to work with squeeze ups and even syringe feeding. I don’t feel anything in his abdomen as I did with Mewsette, but I was ready to just run off for an ultrasound to learn the worst right up front.

I asked Ingrid for a reiki session on Monday and finally he began to eat. It may have been all the work to tempt him leading up to that, but he has been eating steadily since then, small amounts at a time but I can work with that. He’s also stronger and more active.

Ironically, just as soon as that happened, Mr. Sunshine slipped into his current condition. No breaks in between caretaking for Mewsette, Jelly Bean, Mr. Sunshine.

Giuseppe with hypertension

black cat in cat bed
Giuseppe is having an easy Sunday.

This was from mid-May, and Giuseppe is doing well, but still needs a recheck to make sure the medication is the right dose, and a full workup.

So apparently Giuseppe felt left out of all the veterinary attention his siblings have been getting and decided to have his own emergency visit! He’s okay now, but wow, I’m feeling overwhelmed.

I unexpectedly spent the very early morning hours of Sunday at MedVet with Giuseppe after a sudden incident of acute ataxia. It started about 12:30 a.m. when I was preparing my enewsletter for Sunday morning delivery. Giuseppe jumped up onto the end of my desk and walked along until he was in front of me. I noticed he looked a little wobbly as he walked but I thought he was slipping around on the papers strewn about. But then he sat down in front of me in a kind of awkward position, then got up to step over the pencil cups and get into his basket and practically fell into the basket.

I picked him up and carried him into the kitchen to set him on the floor and watch him walk. He walked to a food bowl and crouched down and started eating. I thought maybe he had hurt one hind paw or leg with a little tilt in his gait. But when he got up again and headed back to my office I could see he was wobbling side to side a little more as he went, then stopped and crouched down when he was really swaying. I got a treats container and shook it to see if he would respond, look at me and follow back into the kitchen. He did but was wobbling even more. When he tried to make a turn he fell over sideways though he got back up.

I just put him in the carrier, which I keep right there in the kitchen, and called MedVet to make sure they had space. At the rate this was progressing  I hoped I’d get him there in time to keep him alive.

They triaged him when we got there and his vitals were good. They said we’d have a long wait and they were right. But thinking it could be as serious as a saddle thrombus, stroke, acute kidney failure, none of them good, there was no way I was leaving. But he was alert and talking to me, enjoying pets. The exam and tests found that he has a heart murmur and also his blood pressure was about 200, where something between 130 to 150 is normal. Other than that they didn’t find anything in the blood tests or imaging aside from the fact that his T4 is marginal. They sent that out for a more accurate test to see which side of the margin it’s on which, if it’s high, may have been what caused the high blood pressure or it may be in addition to it.

black cat in kitchen

I don’t remember mention of a heart murmur before this but Giuseppe is the only one of the four who hasn’t seen a vet in the past year. We’ve been following Mr. Sunshine’s and Mewsette’s adventures, and even Jelly Bean was at Rivers last September because he was coughing and gagging though they couldn’t find any reason for it aside from possibly some plaque on his back teeth was irritating his throat, and with the sound he made sounded absolutely reasonable.

The last time Giuseppe had an exam with my prior veterinarian was 2015 when she updated his vaccines and gave him an annual exam, and Dr. Michelle has seen him a few times since then too. He did see the house call vet in November 2020 and got the nasty rabies vaccine with no issue, but she did not examine them. So this may have been building for a while. I’ve seen a few changes in him over the past year or two, notably a lot more vocalization. He’s the one you always see with his mouth open in group shots in the kitchen because he’s always talking, but this new talking is loud meowing for no apparent reason, just standing on the steps, for instance, and meowing, something that might indicate the beginnings of cognitive dysfunction. A few smaller dietary issues that seem to have been resolved by rearranging feeding times and amounts. Because none of them seemed particularly critical and his appetite and movements and behavior have been pretty consistent I wasn’t too concerned. I guess he just couldn’t wait for his big senior exam!

Got home about 5:30 am, he ate well and all traces of any ataxia had worked away. I gave him his first dose of Amlodipine, the same hypertension medication Mr. Sunshine takes. I had been planning to confine him to the bathroom but I let him sleep with us instead of confining him. I noted that he started out with us, but left shortly after to lie on the landing. He was in one of his favorite napping spots downstairs a couple of hours later when I got up, and he has continued to just be his normal self since then.

He will have some followup tests to learn more about his arrhythmia and determine whether that was the cause of his ataxia, or if he may have had a stroke. Or he may have been having strokes, considering the vocalizations.

I hate to keep asking, but if you’d like to help us with the costs…

As always, if you would like to help me with veterinary costs, I would be so grateful. Right now all this is taking in as much as I’m earning, and then some. In addition to these three, Mimi is due for her annual visit, Morty still needs prescription foods until I can get him back to the veterinarian for his workup so he can be up for adoption, and all of them need to eat. I want to keep them all comfortable in whatever way is best for each cat.

If you have any questions, please let me know! And thanks for any help.

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10 thoughts on “Mr. Sunshine at Emergency Again

  • 15andmeowing

    Your kitties are blessed to have such a good mom. I hope Mr. Sunshine is better soon. XO

    • I’d prefer to do this one at a time, but I’m glad I have the skills and experience to be able to take care of them when they need it.

  • mary mcneil

    Sending purrayers and Power of the Paw to all your babies.

  • Purrs and prayers from all of us too. We hope all is much better soon.

    • Thanks so much! This week he’s definitely feeling better.

  • da tabbies o trout towne

    doodz….blessingz frum R heer roe st francis….heerz hopin everee one feelz way better way quik

    • So far he hasn’t gotten any worse, fever same, no higher, a little more activity, greeting me and standing up, walking around a little, and that alone is encouraging. Licked a Churu and ate a couple small pieces of freeze-dried salmon, otherwise no food, I’ll press on that tomorrow. JB is pursuing food today too. So, no backsliding, boys!

  • Purrs for you and Mr. Sunshine … And for Jelly Bean and Giuseppe too.

    • Thank you! I think it’s all going to work out healthwise, finances are a little sketchy. This is one time when I wish I had a human hand around here to help with everyday things while I’m giving care.


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