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Mimi This Morning

black cat on table
Mimi This Morning

It’s not any special day, just a nice sunny morning on a day I get to stay home all day to get my work done.

Mimi follows me all around the first floor of my house, up and down the steps a few times, then settles into the bathroom as I take my shower and get ready for the day, talking to me in her little “eep!” and “meee…” noises. Mimi is petite and beautiful, but her voice is kind of an afterthought.

Sometimes you just love a kitty at first sight, but sometimes it sneaks up on you later. That would be Mimi and me.

At every opportunity, I reach out to pet her, pull playfully on the end of her tail, answer her comments and invite her to come along with me in what I’m doing. She hardly needs the invitation as she stops to wrap herself around my legs, jumps up on a counter and reaches out to touch me, give me head butts me wherever she can and rubs her face on me. Later she settles on my keyboard shelf nestling her little bottom against my wrist.

Prior to her coming to my house she and I had actually had a few conflicts as she constantly hunted in my back yard to take live kill to her endless kittens, so I wasn’t sure what to expect. Mimi came to me with her babies, and I admit I gave nearly all my attention to them—and who wouldn’t, seeing four perfect little black kittens…especially after having recently lost one of her other perfect black kittens? But though I interacted with them more often than Mimi, I didn’t insist that she stay with her babies and let her wander the house at will. She quietly and carefully explored, having no conflict with my other four cats, settling on the floor by the front door where it was cooler that August to rest her belly after nursing. Then she’d gracefully jump onto the end of my desk and tiptoe to the center where I was, carefully walking among Namir, Cookie, Peaches and Kelly, and finding a tiny spot for herself, rolling herself into a compact black ball, not to sleep, but to spend time with us as I worked.

What a nice kitty, I remember thinking, though she rarely interacted with me directly. Her former owner had told me she had been kind of distant, and this is what I saw of her. A friend was interested in adopting her when the kittens were weaned so I kept note of her personality to tell her future person, and not to be concerned if she wasn’t a lap cat.

As time has passed, I guess Mimi had the same realization as Cookie years ago, that she wasn’t going to be tossed back out, that she actually belonged here, and she began spending more time with me, and I continued to admire her petite figure and natural grace and encourage her to join me. Then she began to seriously play and also assist me in daily tasks, following me, talking to me, and now and then sitting on my lap, though with three senior kitties those opportunities were few and far between.

When Peaches was still here, she joined the senior girls to eat and hang out, though she’s hardly a senior, but she let me know she was “special”. Now she’s one of my ladies in waiting along with Cookie and Kelly, and sleeps next to me on the bed every night. She’s had time and space to develop her personality, learn to be a fun kitty, and trust a human, and though she’s still petite and quiet, she’s hardly the kitty who came in the box with her babies.

I have found homes for dozens of kittens and cats over the years. After a certain period of time, over a year perhaps, foster kitties stop being foster kitties for me and end up being permanent kitties unless I am keeping them for someone, as I did in keeping Dickie for my niece last year. love and care for them before that, but end up falling in love with all my kitties at some point, fosters or not.

So she and I decided this is a serious thing, and that we really like each other. I know that kitty look that says, “thank you,” and the one that says, “I love you.” Does it balance out the losses suffered from living with so many cats? Perhaps, but it also adds another unique gem on the strand of the feline loves in my life.


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7 thoughts on “Mimi This Morning

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  • Love this, Bernadette — you capture that subtle chemistry– the nuances, if you will — between us and the cats that come into our lives. Mimi sounds a lot like our Phoebe personality-wise. Please consider putting all these posts together in a book — it would be lovelyand true and a great read.

    • Tammy, thanks for the encouragement. I’ve hardly scratched the surface with stories as I’m only writing about those with me now. One of these days I’ll go through my photo prints from film and write up all the stories about the the rest of the family.


    A lovely post Bernadette. And what a great photo. Mimi’s look says so very much! A wise old soul that one!

    • Thanks, Tamar. The hardened street kitty wasn’t as hard as she thought.

  • Sherry Black

    The last paragraph sums up my feelings, and my life, as well. I have no regrets.

    • I’ve always said the universe brought me the cats who were supposed to be with me, and the ones who stayed instead of being adopted were meant to be here–as if I have no choice! I don’t think I do.


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