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Mimi and I Both Visit Our Doctors!

Mimi and I on the rocker

Mimi and I went to her visit was last Saturday and I was awaiting the test results from her tests when my gall bladder decided to take a last stand and tried to kill me with pain, so I went and dumped that old bag of gall at St. Clair Hospital, got a bunch of other things checked while I was there, and came home feeling like a renewed person.

See how happy I am in the photo above? I’ll just say I found it frustrating that I could post on social media but could not post on The Creative Cat on my phone, so I couldn’t post here to let you know and keep up. Something to fix before it happens again. But anyway, it’s clear that I was having trouble keeping up with posts and I knew something was slowing me down. I did pick up a nice big project with my friend Sally, Callie’s mom,which then got to be almost too big for me to finish. I had developed some intense pain in my abdomen last weekend, then the headache added on until it all pretty much incapacitated me so that Tuesday evening a friend drove me to the emergency room and I was admitted.

The array of bags on my rolling friend.

“Well this was totally unexpected. I’m in St Clair Hospital awaiting gallbladder surgery.

Had several days of unending horrible back pain. I always have some sometimes it gets to be a little more because I have scoliosis, but this was something outside of that. On top of it I also had a headache that I identified as eye strain. I’m about the only one in my family who still has my gallbladder, a decade or so ago when I started having problems my doctor and I talked over and I would avoid the foods that irritated it, so I have. But it eventually catches up with you. I can’t describe the pain but I’m grateful for dilaudid.

As for the headache, might be precipitated by eye strain, but I’m also aware my sister had an aneurysm that was removed and my brother may also have died from an aneurysm. So I’ve had a CT scan and it shows an area where there’s not enough blood flow.

I hadn’t slept much for three nights, hadn’t had more than a bowl of cereal each day, and I knew this was something far more than anything I’d ever experienced before so a friend took me to the emergency room last night.

My kitties are in the loving hands of Denise, but really I can’t wait to get home.

I went in on Tuesday night and right away they wanted to remove my gall bladder, but some tests showed it might not be the problem. I had tests through Wednesday as the pain eased to where we could stop dilaudid, highly addictive, not the route I want to go. Thursday was a few more tests and the final for the gall bladder, and an MRI that I just couldn’t do. All fell into place for surgery that afternoon and I had the first good night’s sleep in a week. The next morning I was missing my kitties and remembered how they had joined me on the bed on Tuesday afternoon.

Basil, Mariposa, Hamlet, Sienna on my pillows.

“Some of my kitties joined me on the bed on Tuesday when I tried to to lie down to help relieve the pain, settling in a semi-circle behind me: Basil, Mariposa, Hamlet, and Sienna on the pillows thrilled that I finally had the sense to nap with her in the afternoon. They are all doing well including Mimi who escaped the bathroom but greeted Denise. Mimi will get her way can’t wait to get back to her and them.

No more pain after gallbladder removal, very little from surgical site, no sign of stroke, just have to look into arthritis in my spine from imaging. Probably going home today.”

I posted this with the photo of me with Mimi at the top:

“I didn’t even take all my bandages and bracelets off when I went looking for all the hidden kitties upstairs and down, found them all and then Mimi and me went out on the front porch. So I’m home and I’m a little sore but the big pain is gone and that big bad gallbladder is gone forever so it can never do that to me again.

I was a little surprised to find I can’t drive for at least 2 weeks or when I get clearance from my surgeon. I can work with that but it’s not easy. No lifting more than 20 lb for 4 weeks. Guess I’m just going to kind of sit around here play on my computer. No matter what I’m just so happy it’s over and I’m home.”

Thank goodness for Denise who managed to take care of them all while she had a heavy schedule of appointments with her husband. Our Aunt Mary came to pick me up when I was discharged on Friday and stayed with me for a bit after I came home and all the kitties settled down. Mimi was fine, Morty and Mr. Max were fine, but those five in the middle hid pretty much the whole time I was gone. I had put Mimi in the bathroom Tuesday evening when I thought I’d go to an urgent care, but they were all closed by the time I decided so I was glad she was in there. More on Mimi just below!

Mimi’s trip to her doctor was way better than mine!

Mimi and I at her doctor appointment.

I was able to get a cancelled appointment to check Mimi’s T4 and full blood work including renal numbers and cardiac issues, and her blood pressure. She came through it fine and I did get her results on Monday and Tuesday. Her T4 has not changed! Yay! Her renal issues have progressed so I have started the phosphorus binder. They found no real damage in the eye where the pupil is dilated and older cats’ pupils do relax and dilate, usually bilaterally but not always, but it still may be a sign of a small stroke. Her paw showing edema is a sign of her circulation, so I’ll try not to give her fluids near her legs. None of it is truly dangerous but I’ll have to keep an eye on her kidneys and giving her fluids regularly. Her blood pressure was 15o-160 and I have nearly an entire refill for Mr. Sunshine’s Amlodipine so I’m using that first.

All in all she’s in really good shape! And she’s been feeling consistently well lately too. I don’t take it for granted. She is number 1.

Mimi thinks you can’t see her.

Time to do a little shopping?

But along with not being permitted to drive for a couple weeks and and weight limits for four weeks, I missed one of the vendor shows I had intended to attend this year, Hearts & Paws, that I’ve attended for 20 years and I always sell well, and I will miss the pet blessing this coming weekend as well. I’ve been working on getting back to the other work I have on my list, but I was really hoping for the sales from Hearts & Paws to catch up with paying off my veterinarians and maybe getting a little into a savings.

You know where to find the gift items! .

This condition as it was building slowed me down so that I wasn’t able to get the first sampler box together by June 1, and I wasn’t able to finish some of the new things I’ve started but I’m really excited about them. Anything you purchase will be appreciated! Order a gift for a friend and give me their address, I’ll ship directly. If you are interested in a piece of artwork get in touch.

Also, I’ve been working on the freestanding site for all my custom and non-custom pet memorial gifts, so have a visit!

And I’ve also set up a product for the Feline Sampler Boxes, so if you’d like to preorder one, you can do it here:

If you’d like to read a little about the boxes:


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8 thoughts on “Mimi and I Both Visit Our Doctors!

  • sierrakoester

    When the gallbladder goes bad, the pain is just horrid. It is the worst pain I’ve experienced. Mine went bad, and I was dealing with it for a year before I wound up in the ER where they discovered my gallbladder had gone bad (my primary doctor hadn’t checked for anything). They delayed my surgery for three weeks, and I couldn’t eat anything without my tummy hurting. I was awful. But I felt SO much better when it was out. I hope this is the case for you! I hope and pray that you are pain-free and doing much better. <3

    • Glad you finally got some attention for it because that pain is horrible! Bad gall bladders run in my family, and I had a bad spell with it about a decade ago. My doctor and I discussed it and I would avoid foods that irritated it–those foods were a temporary thing for me anyway so that wasn’t hard. But over the decade I’ve had more and more issues and this time it turned out it was two huge stones. No amount of food avoidance was going to make any difference. I’m already eating well, though not a whole lot at one time! Wish it wasn’t so hot, but at least I have no post-surgery pain.

  • Looks like you both are doing well, now. Excellent news. You do look very happy.

    Have a fabulous day and week. Scritches to Mimi. ♥

    • We are. I am so grateful that she and I can get outside and do our thing a few times a day.

  • I sure am glad to hear that you both are doing well. Surgery is no fun and neither is the sitting around waiting to heal part. Hugs from all of us.

    • Yeah, well, I follow the rules for healing but I’m kind of stretching them so I can get things done. Not pushing, just stretching them.

  • da tabbies o trout towne

    B, yeow, when it rains it pours. so sorry to hear about your stay
    at the hospital but glad your home and doing 1000 purrcent better‼️
    eat sum trout, and share with the crew, I know they missed mom. sending
    best fishes and get well wishes to all, stay on the road to recovery

    • Of all the reasons to head into the hospital for an emergency surgery, this is about the best of them. Right now, the heat is far worse than the post surgery issues, so Mimi and I are happy!


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