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Kitty Things: Guard Kitty

black cat statue with pink bow
My guard kitty, Kitty.

Meet my guard kitty, Kitty. She’s on my front porch, and she’s one of the kitties you need to get past in order to get to my door. Yes, I do tie decorative bows on her, and just today as I was changing out decorations in the front yard I decided to get out the spring ribbon and give her a big pink bow. In summer I put flowers around her, and in autumn I put gourds around her.

Not a surprise that she’s a black kitty, is it? That’s kind of by chance. A customer owned a high-end second-hand shop, and Kitty was her doorstop—she’s made of poured concrete—and was already painted black. When she closed her shop she gave me Kitty, knowing I’d give her a good home.

black cat statue with pink bow
A little bit of a closeup of her holding the ball.

Kitty is sitting up holding a ball, which you can see a little better in this slight side view. If you look closely at her toes, too, you will see she is not entirely black, they missed a few spots underneath when they spray-painted her! And she’s beginning to chip here and there; I’m not sure if I’ll leave her as a black kitty or I’ll do something else. Since her fur is a little “shaggy” but she’s not really long-haired, perhaps I’ll paint her eyes green for Emeraude.

And as you can see, Kitty has an eartip on her left ear! She was meant to be here.

black cat statue with pink bow
Kitty’s face, and left eartip.

This is what we see out the front door on a winter afternoon, and sometimes, sunny or not, I have a double-take when I see a black cat out on the porch!

black cat statue with pink bow
What Kitty looks like out the door.

I have plenty of kitty things and see so many kitty things everywhere I go, from statues to stained glass windows, jewelry and more, and I always photograph them but I never do anything with the photos. I decided to start up a new category called “Kitty Things” to share these.

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4 thoughts on “Kitty Things: Guard Kitty

  • Paulette Smith

    Green eyes would be nice!

  • Maureen Chatwin

    She is a little heftier than Emeraude was, but a fitting homage to her memory.

    • One of the things Emeraude’s person told me is that she was overweight for most of her life! You might not remember that from back in the very beginning, but that was one of the things that contributed to how she broke her jaw.

      • Maureen Chatwin

        Well there you have it. Now you MUST paint the eyes green!!


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