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Bid on a Tee, Pay for a Spay

people wearing t-shirts
Many of the technicians and volunteers and one veterinarian model the shirt after the clinic is finished.

Everyone is wearing one! I’m sure you’ll want one of these! When too many cats appear in your back yard or parking lot just “Keep Calm and TNR”! And the kitty at the top has an ear-tip!

TNR tee shirt
Here’s what the shirt looks like, modeled by Michelle Miller!

These tees were designed by rescuer Margo Cicci Wisniewski and are available in sizes from small to 3X, printed in white on navy blue.

Bid on a tee of your very own

I’m auctioning one of these shirts to help with costs for rescues and assistance to cat caretakers. The way it works is for readers who want to participate to bid an amount in the comments below. You can still comment and not bid.

While you can buy these tees (see below) and all the proceeds support spay/neuter clinics and support for caretakers I’d like to raise as much as possible. The Homeless Cat Management Team just held a highly successful “Free for Ferals” spay/neuter clinic with took 75 cats out of the gene pool—at no cost to their caretakers. The next clinic on March 9 will do the same for likely even more cats at very low cost.

In between clinics HCMT and Frankie’s Friends provide low-cost veterinary care for cats cared for in colonies and for rescues. The Pittsburgh Feral Cat Movement also occasionally covers costs if a rescuer needs to take a cat to another veterinarian.

We also distribute food and shelters to caretakers in need winter and summer, and constantly purchase traps for use by those who will be trapping cats to bring to a clinic.

The higher the bid, the more you help these organizations and volunteers help cats. That money may pay for canned food for elderly and ill cats, dry food for those feeding large colonies, Rubbermaid containers and straw and other materials to make shelters, and amputation for a cat with a leg too injured to keep.

TNR t-shirt
Actual design for the TNR tee.

Your chance to bid and donate!

How to Bid
  1. Bidding begins February 28, 2014 and continues through midnight EST on March 7, 2014.
  2. The opening bid is $25.00.
  3. In the “comments” section of this post, please enter your bid amount and any message you’d like to include. Only bids entered on this post are valid so that bids may be kept in order of time entered and be made in public where other bidders can see. Bids entered anywhere else, such as on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest or Google+ posts will not be considered valid bids. If by any chance you cannot enter a comment, please e-mail your bid to me and I will enter it into the comments section according to its time stamp so that all bids will remain in order; please only do this if there is no other way to enter your bid.
  4. At midnight on March 7 I will review the comments for the highest bid and inform the winner immediately via e-mail. For this reason, please use your own account to bid so I know who it’s from.
  5. The highest bid is the winner, not the final bid.
  6. The winner will make their payment directly to the Homeless Cat Management Team. I will provide the means to send payment to them, and when HCMT has received payment, I will ship the t-shirt to the winner.

. . . . . . .


Buy One Now!

No one would be upset if you just can’t live without one and just go buy one now! You can purchase one on the Homeless Cat Management Team website. They are $25 each.

Homeless Cat Management Team Fast Track clinic on March 9

All cats, stray, feral, rescue or owned pets will be spayed and neutered for $50 or less and receive rabies vaccine, Frontline flea treatment, and ear mite treatment if needed. Ear-tipping is mandatory for feral cats. Visit the clinic page on the HCMT website to see the cost for males and females and other services available.

The clinic is located at 207 Allegheny Rd, Tarentum, PA 15084. Call HCMT at 412-321-4060 register to bring a cat to any of the HCMT clinics. Leave a message in voice mail box 3 for NO CHARGE clinic registration and include your name and phone number in your message. A HCMT representative will call you back to confirm your registration.

Please note that No Charge Clinics fill quickly and on a first-come-first-serve basis. If we cannot treat your cat at the next No Charge clinic, we will call you about a future clinic.

For more information on clinics visit the HCMT website.

. . . . . . .

What’s that? You don’t have a cat that has to be spayed or neutered? Sponsor one! Find someone who hasn’t spayed or neutered their cat and get it done for them!

It’s all about preventing the births of unwanted kittens so we can love the ones we live with all the more.

Now who else is looking for a home? Browse a few more rescued cats and kittens!

All photos courtesy the kittens’ foster homes.


Can’t adopt? Foster! Can’t foster? Donate or volunteer.

Volunteers are what keep Homeless Cat Management Team, Frankie’s Friends and the Pittsburgh Feral Cat Movement going. Join us or find a similar group near you.

There are so many ways you can help cats who need homes and care. You may not have room to adopt another cat, but can foster a cat or kitten for a few weeks. If not that, you can volunteer at a shelter or with a rescue, or donate. You do this because you love your cat, and by doing so you help all cats. No matter which of these actions you take, you help to save a life, and make life better for all cats.

  • Adopt one of the cats I’ve posted here, or from any shelter or rescue near you, or from Petfinder, to open up a space for another cat to be rescued and fostered.
  • Offer to foster cats or kittens for a shelter or rescue near you.
  • Volunteer at a shelter or rescue.
  • Find a group of volunteers who work with homeless cats and help them with their efforts.
  • Donate to a shelter or rescue near you.

If you can foster kittens or adults cats to help prepare them for a forever home, please run to your nearest shelter and find a cat who needs you! Anyone can help with this effort at any level, even if all you do is donate to a shelter or rescue so they can help to pay for the food or medications needed for their foster, or the spay/neuter/veterinary care during a clinic.

Need to know more? Read Fostering for Your Shelter and Fostering Saves Lives

Help Homeless Cats and Caretakers, Get a Gift Certificate!

Treats For Homeless Cats And Caretakers
Treats For Homeless Cats And Caretakers

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