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Kelly in Forget-me-nots

tortoiseshell cat in forget me nots
Kelly in forget-me-nots.

Kelly has been stepping out into the back yard with me now and then, even asking at the door to go out. She’s never shown any interest in the 15 years she’s been with me until this spring, and I can’t help but think she associates the outdoors, and the spring forget-me-nots, with Cookie, as I do. Kelly is now the lone senior cat, and she’s very lonely without an older kitty to cuddle with and protect her; she’s a little intimidated by the gregarious black cats. Observing what she does, I think she’s looking for and communing with Cookie, again, as I do.

This is a kind of an odd angle—I had my zoom lens as I’d been photographing details of forget-me-nots and buttercups together and the cranesbill geraniums and columbines with raindrops from last night’s storms. Kelly’s a little foreshortened, but it’s a good view of her face and those brilliant green eyes; even without the reflection of lush vegetation, Kelly’s eyes are like gems. It’s hard to believe she is 18 this year because she is still active, lithe and graceful, and because she was the youngest for 11 years I still think of her as the little one.

Read Kelly’s story in five parts: A Little Bit About Kelly.


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20 thoughts on “Kelly in Forget-me-nots

  • Kelly is a real pretty cat. Her face is super expressive. I love those green eyes. I love tortoiseshells and the way their coats look. My first cat was a tortoiseshell like that. Her name was Striker (she batted tons of stuff with her paws so she got that name). She was very small and thin, but VERY friendly and playful. We tried having her as a house cat for about five days in the winter of 2009, but she was an outdoor cat to the bone. Had her from 2008-2010. My dad found her a new home because she had kittens in March of 2010 and instead of getting her fixed he decided to give the “problem” to someone else. Before Striker I thought cats were more of a pet for girls, but after having her I am now a big fan of cats. As far as I know, Striker was a mouser in Republic, Missouri. If I get a cat again, a little tortie would be first on my list. My uncle and aunt had a tortoiseshell too.

    • Ian, thanks so much for complimenting Kelly and for visiting! This photo was taken in May 2012; I lost her in August 2012 at age 19, and this photo is a very, very sweet memory for me. Torties are very special, and each one is unique! Your kitty Striker sounds like she was a wonderful kitty, I’m sorry your dad gave her away instead of getting her fixed. At least you could enjoy her company for those two years. Many people do still think cats are a girls’ pet but my brother has always loved my cats, and I know plenty of guys who love cats too. My other tortie, Cookie, who was a year older than Kelly, was rescued by an 8-year-old boy who had already rescued another kitty! His mother wouldn’t let him keep her so he brought her to me. I hope some day soon you have a tortie of your own–or maybe two!

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  • It is interesting that Kelly only now is wanting to out after the passing of Cookie!! Sweet photo 🙂

    • Carolyn, until now she loved to look outside but never, ever asked. Just got a photo of her and Mimi at the back door while I was outside!

  • Kimberly Helgeson

    Beautiful photo! And Kelly looks so happy!

  • Tortoiseshell cats rule! They’re just so smart. Theadora (Disclosure: My cat named “Kitty” is yes, a tortoiseshell cat. Theadora (Funny tidbit: For the love of kneading, sea captains called them “medicine women.” Yes, they were considered to be good luck charms.)

    • Yes, they do, either by outright sweetness or by a totally unpredictable personality. I do remember sea captains said they were good luck charms, but never heard the “medicine women”! Where did you find that?

  • Debi Lefever

    Kelly is beautiful…..sooooo huggable. This picture is very serene and tender.

    • Debi, I’m so glad to see Kelly coming out a bit, even in the house.

  • Takes my breath away … looking at this photo! It is so beautiful. Kelly is so, so lovely. In this photo she looks physically fragile, and emotionally determined!

    • Pam, Kelly really is lovely–and it’s interesting in your description because she is actually physically strong but emotionally fragile, though here very determined. She is a delicate personality.

    • Chris, I’m so glad she’s feeling happier and interacting more lately.

  • This is beautiful! Kelly looks like a kitten in this photo, not an 18-year-old cat.

    • Ingrid, I wish we knew her secret. In all these years Kelly has only lost a little muscle mass but is otherwise like the talkative little elf who’s lived with me all these years.

  • Susan Mullen

    Bernadette, this is a beautiful photo. Thank you for posting it, and thanks also for the tender reminders of Cookie.

    • Susan, thank you, Kelly being with me kind of brings it all together for me especially when you add Namir, his relationship with her prior to me and how he loved the yard, and all those older cats she loved so much. I’m sure it does the same for Kelly.


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