Friday, April 19, 2024
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Daily Sketch: Fangs

ink sketch of cat sleeping
Sleeping With Fangs, ink © B.E. Kazmarski

There’s been a lot of this lately, lolling about on my desk. When Giuseppe turns his head upside down, his mouth falls open and I can see two little fangs. Vicious kitty. He fell deeply asleep so I had the chance to sketch him.

Not a difficult or detailed sketch, but just a note on drawing a subject in an orientation different from the way you are accustomed to seeing them. Even looking directly at him, my inner eye kept turning him right side up, and it was almost like yesterday when I was trying to draw around Mimi’s initial outline and it was confusing me.

This was done with a .35 felt-tip technical marker.


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4 thoughts on “Daily Sketch: Fangs

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  • Laurie and the "Girls"

    As I type this My cat Tuxee is in a similar pose including fangs on the the corner of the computer desk, glancing up once in a while asking for belly rubs! I look forward to your post for your pictures and drawings always bring a smile to my face!

    Please give extra pets to your family from ours!

    Tuxee, Baby, Itty Bits, Cheesecake and their human Laurie

    • Laurie, big bad Giuseppe (he is big and likes to think of himself as bad) is always posing on my desk too! I’m glad you enjoy my sketches, and I’ll give everyone a big kiss, even if I get a paw in my face.


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