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I Am So Blessed

photo of cat pitcher
The gift.

I have been finishing up portraits at a pace faster than I’ve been able to write about them along with a good bit of regular holiday business. I’ll be catching up on writing about all of this next week and going forward, but for now I’d like to share a piece I wrote in 2005 after handing over a portrait to a very special couple.

Yesterday I handed over one of the last of my commissioned animal portraits for this holiday season. The couple who came to pick it up was dressed in Steelers sweatshirts and jeans, black leather jackets and a Santa hat, and smelled a little of beer and cigarettes, not the type many would imagine would want a portrait of their cat, but I knew better. This is their second portrait, the first being a gift from the woman to her husband of a portrait of his cat a few years ago; this second was a gift from him to her of her cat, who she had put to sleep earlier this year.

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8 thoughts on “I Am So Blessed

  • What a terrific story! We should never judge by appearances. yes wearing your heart on your sleeve can be a bit messy at times!

    Happy Christmas!

  • This is so touching. I’m so glad you got to share that moment with the couple and that you let us in on the moment. Yes, I’m crying too!

    • Andrea, thanks so much for reading. I feel so fortunate when things like this happen.

  • Susan Mullen

    Bernadette, what a beautiful essay! I’m honored to read it.

    • Susan, thanks for reading, I’m so glad I could share it with you. I am so glad I took the time to write it when I did, and for all the times I’ve read the story it still makes me cry.

  • Sorry guys–it’s fixed now, and thanks for letting me know right away! It pointed to a page on my site that’s not there, this is the newer page.

  • Sherry Black

    Same here…

  • Susan Mullen

    Hi, Bernadette. When I clicked on the link to the rest of the story, I got an error message.


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