Filing Will Have to Wait: 2010

two black cats in box
We're Filed Properly

I had intended to sort some paperwork into this box for filing and recycling, but the boys had the impression I had placed it there for their morning nap in front of the window.

But will the box hold 25 pounds of cat without bursting? One edge has already pulled loose. Giuseppe and Mr. Sunshine took turns stretching and lying half on top of one another as they slept, and I did eventually get the filing done.

I’m going to have to invest in a better small digital camera, though. I carry a small point and shoot, one that can fit in my palm, all the time because the DSLR is a little too big to cart around and while often the photos are just quick snaps I use quite a few. I just replaced one in May purchasing this one in a hurry when my last one literally fell apart, and no matter the settings I use the photos are often grainy or blurry with this new one; all point and shoots are not created equal. Do I mind shopping around for a new camera? Don’t think so, and the kids don’t care what I point at them.

Ah, the travails of choosing a camera…so I did find one and dumped it into the creek last summer. I managed to get it working again, though. Because this photo was marginal—I’m not fond of the grainy RGB speckles in a high film speed image—I pulled it back out from 2010 and gave it a little treatment with a filter, this time “Dry Brush”.

two black cats in box
Filtered version of the photo.

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