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Does Your Garden Grow Mousies?

two black cats with basket of beans
Mewsette and Giuseppe are disappointed.

“Does your garden grow mousies or chippies?” Mewsette asks as Giuseppe inspects the contents of my basket.

They were quite excited when I entered the kitchen with my little gathering basket and set it down on the cabinet in front of them. They eagerly looked in the basket and sniffed heartily, poking a few beans with their noses.

“We don’t eat these. These are toys,” Mewsette adds. “What good is a garden if it doesn’t grow things you eat?”

I guess we all have different customs. But then I think they remember stories from their Mama Mimi about all the wonderful chipmunks she used to find out there when she came to visit, and from both Cookie and Namir about the exciting little voles who were just everywhere.

Later, Giuseppe does at least find a use for the basket, though Mewsette is still uncertain about the contents and somewhat disappointed.

two black cats with basket
Mewsette is still disappointed, though Giuseppe is pleased with himself.


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9 thoughts on “Does Your Garden Grow Mousies?

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  • Susan Ritts Stoltz

    That reminds me of how Cookie loved to curl up in bowls and managed to make an elegant centerpiece for the table. I love those pictures!

    • Susan, that’s just what I thought of too, especially when I got up on the chair to take a shot from directly above! I’ve been working up a calendar of Cookie in the kitchen along with a few others…

      • Susan Ritts Stoltz

        Oh, I can’t wait to see that calendar of Cookie in the kitchen! Will they be for sale on Etsy?

        • Susan, I will probably have it both here and on Etsu, and I’m also working on an overall commercial site, but don’t worry, you’ll see it!

  • Basket is just purrfectly Guiseppe-sized, isn’t it?!!
    So funny, someone or other has to try everything out for size n comfortabilty.
    Love to see your bean-cropping.. still going strong. xxx
    Have been thinking of you, Bernadette.
    It’s just nearly a year [28th Aug] since my Lucy died n, with heart hurting, I first found your pages of understanding, compassion n insight.
    I hope you are, yourself, feeling somewhat recovered from the loss of dear, little dainty Kelly xxx

    • Annie, yes, and I would guess trying it on for size is its real purpose, not bean-harvesting!

      Thanks for reminding me about your Lucy. Each loss is different as each cat is different. I am still missing Kelly, but growing accustomed to my home without her, and without all those wonderful cats who made me who I am. I posted an annual remembrance today, I hope it helps to heal your heart. Thinking of you and Lucy.

    • Texas, it may be mousies, and it may be Mlle. Daisy, who shares a love of baskets!


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