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Daily Photo: When We Put Our Heads Together…We Fall Asleep

three black cats sleeping
When we put our heads together, we fall asleep.

We do, we fall asleep. We had some big plans since Mama Bernadette left us all alone most of the day yesterday after torturing us with the sweeper monster and making us move so she could “clean”. We don’t need “clean”, we like it the way it is. So after hours of noise and smells and making us move, we were glad to get some rest when she left with her bags packed and said, “I’m headed for the trail, see you guys later!”

She seemed a little too happy to leave us, especially since we have no idea what this “trail” thing is, and not even our wise, experienced Mama Mimi could tell us what that was. So we decided we would put our furry heads together and cat-spire but…we fell asleep and before we knew it, the day was gone, it was dark and Mama Bernadette was coming back in the door. And she smelled funny. Lots of things on her dress and on her legs and arms, and even though we were really hungry not having eaten in days, we made her stand still so we could smell these things. Every inch of her feet and legs smelled liked something different and even her arms, and Mama Mimi said she didn’t know what the trail was, but she knew the smells of “the woods” and “the water”. We could smell a little bit of bunny fur and mousie tracks and spiders, and different waters, not like the ones we drink, and dirt. And leaves, live ones and dead ones. We thought maybe we were dreaming since we’d just awakened, but when we sat back to think about it and looked at our Mama Bernadette, who suddenly seemed a little bit like a stranger, she got our dinner ready and we knew it was all very real.

Later we smelled her bags, and even her big black box thing, and they all smelled the same. We agreed, there is something enticing about this, but all the same it’s frightening, like something we don’t quite remember. Our Mama Mimi says we don’t need to remember it. She does, and smelling it on our human is as close as we need to get. We had to sleep on it. We had very interesting dreams, though.

collage of cats and woods
Leaves and waters and sun and dirt…

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