Daily Sketch: Sunning

sketch of black cat on windowsill
Sunning, conte crayon © B.E. Kazmarski

Had to make the most of the sun this morning and caught Mimi quietly absorbing it on the bathroom windowsill.

This started out being a much simpler sketch, but she moved enough while I worked that I ended up with too many confusing sketchy little lines. I like those sketchy lines and you can still see a few around her edges, but if even I can’t make sense of them then probably no one else will either. I had intended to use conté, but just a sketchy sort of coverage maybe using one or two tones because I wanted to capture the dense shadows as well as the mahogany highlights in her fur. Instead I filled her in more completely, then drew on top with other colors using all the conté tones from black to brown to terra cotta to white.

It’s another of those I didn’t like at first and had to walk away and let it sit before I could see it correctly. When they move and I have to make so many changes, the sketch not only doesn’t look as I had visualized, an important step for a quick sketch so I know what my goal is, but it’s often not accurate to the cat, and this is Mimi’s body but not quite her face. Still, it’s acceptable as a sketch and I really like the way the unintended technique turned out.


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