Daily Sketch Reprise: Bath in the Morning

ink sketch of cat bathing in sun
Bath in the Sun, ink © B.E. Kazmarski

I apologize for the run of “daily sketch reprises” in the past few weeks. You’d think I had more time for sketches on the weekend, but I’ve actually been reorganizing my studio, and by extension the rest of my house, when I get four to six hours at a stretch, which is usually the weekend or an evening. My studio is generally all torn apart, and that’s where the good scanner is, and I can’t get to it. All my greeting cards need to go some place warm and dry, certainly not the basement or attic, and all the other wood-mounted art, keepsake boxes, and prints I keep in stock need to be stored somewhere safe and accessible as well as the shipping boxes and packing materials I keep on hand, but then so do my everyday art materials I use to make these things! Some things are stored in my studio, some in my bedroom, some in my office downstairs, and with each session I move, organize, inventory, label and store all these things in a way and a place that keeps it all clean and free from damage as well as easy to find when someone orders something or a retail shop wants items for display. This should be the last weekend for the big moving of things, and then I’ll also be much better set to do other artwork as well. Mimi and the kids have been so happy with all the boxes constantly moved around the house, they won’t know what to do when I actually sit down for day-long work sessions. Neither will I!

In the meantime, enjoy the second version of this line art style after the initial idea yesterday featuring Mimi and Mewsette. In studying the first sketch I made a number of decisions about how I would use the lines and crosshatches so they didn’t attract attention to themselves as I explain below, and did this sketch of Kelly having a bath in the morning sun at the back door.

We had another sunny morning so I had another chance to refine my skills with an ink line sketch. This time I sat down and had the right glasses on so I had a little more control over the lines themselves.

Yesterday’s “Sunny Morning” was Mimi and Mewsette loosely organized in the strip of sunshine, today’s sketch is Kelly vigorously washing herself in front of the door. I did like yesterday’s sketch but I’m always a little distracted when the lines fly around as they do, ending where my hand ends them instead of in a logical place in the drawing. I have a few loose ends here, but I’ve done my best to shape and cluster the lines so they describe the light and shadow in the scene.

Of course, Kelly was long done with her bath by the time I got this done, but I sketched in her and her shadow first then did the rest of the scene.

Looking at this sketch it reminds me of another of Kelly’s habits—unless she was sitting flat on a surface, she usually had her tail off the ground, even just by a bit, and always in a curve of some sort; here her tail is quite a bit off the floor and becomes an extension of the curve of her body from the top of her head down her spine to the tip of her tail, very, very Kelly.

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