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Daily Sketch: Perfect Fit

brush sketch of two cats
Perfect Fit, brush pen © B.E. Kazmarski

It’s perfect because Mimi fits perfectly into the curve of  Mr. Sunshine’s shoulder as she has her bath.

Well, I found a wonderful new pen, and didn’t even know I’d done so! This is a brush pen, as opposed to a brush marker. Instead of the tip being a shaped felt tip like a marker, this is a fine-bristle brush. The body of the pen opens to insert an ink cartridge. It took a while for the ink to begin to flow and the bristles to fill with it for drawing, but now it works as if I had dipped my brush in a bottle of ink to draw. The brush is amazingly sensitive and produces a highly variable line as you can see.

The variable line is interesting to look at, just as simple as that, but it can also be very expressive where the thick and thin areas actually help to describe the shape of the subject. I’ve done this with a crow-quill drawing nib on a dip-style pen which is a little easier to control, and I’ve been looking for that line quality since then.

This is exciting! The brush markers have been fun to play with, but they are not terribly sensitive to the movements of my hand—and how do you make the strokes on paper but with the movements of your hand, light and heavy pressure, tilting one way or another? In drawing with this I kind of felt as if I was on ice skates for the first time in a long time—moving whether I wanted to or not, but afraid to stop or I’d fall down!

This is made by Pentel Arts and I remember finding it on a special sale at the art store (one of the cool things about shopping at an actual store, picking things up and looking at them in life), and along with this came the little ink pen I used to draw my one and only cartoon yet, “Being Used as a Fort”. I was very pleased with the performance of that pen as well, much moreso than any felt-tips by any means in both pen styles.

Well, on to practice.


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