Daily Sketch: Colorful Cuddling Kitties

colored pencil sketch of three cats sleeping
Colorful Cuddling Kitties, watercolor pencil (before the water) © B.E. Kazmarski

Giuseppe at the top, Bean, left and Mimi, right, the three are cuddled on a fleece bed.

I finally found my watercolor pencils, or colored pencils with leads made of compressed watercolor; could not purchase another set while there was still one in the house, a very old one from some donated art supplies or an estate sale.

So it’s really easy to sketch cats while they are sleeping because they aren’t moving too much—though you’d be surprised how much they actually do move. I used as many colors as I could just to try them all, each cat a different color and different outline, the bed (which is actually like a cerise, light yellow-green, but didn’t scan that way). One thing I learned, looking at the right side of the drawing, is that the “lead” isn’t as hard as regular colored pencil and actually smeared when I moved it around a little bit on the platen to scan it.

Anyway, take a good look at “Colorful Cuddling Kitties” above because that’s the only version you’ll see that looks like that. I got my brushes and some water and painted it over the pencil lines, seen below.

watercolor of three cats sleeping
Colorful Cuddling Kitties, watercolor pencil with washes © B.E. Kazmarski

Cool! The pencil works up right away, except for the purple, who knows why, but I like how it held the outlines where I used it. Colors are nice and bright and this could be more convenient to carry “into the field” than a little tray of watercolors; I can either do the sketch and bring it home to finish if I’m not carrying usable water or brushes with me, or I can use it right there. Much easier to use on the little 5″ x 7″ watercolor pad I carry too.

I can do that around the house too. Think I’ll play around with it this week.


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