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Daily Photos: From November 1

Organizing your cats.
Organizing your cats.

How to keep your cats organized while working in the kitchen. Mimi, Mr. Sunshine, Giuseppe, Basil.

Time to catch up with the photos you’ve been missing! This photo is from November 1. I hope to be able to keep up with things from here!

November 5

Big and little, no longer camouflaged in summer grass. The trees are dropping leaves by the bucket today.

Mimi and Mewsette in the leaves.
Mimi and Mewsette int he leaves.

Mewsette selects the exact purrfect blade of grass for a — temporary — snack.

Mewsette chooses a blade of grass.
Mewsette chooses a blade of grass.

November 6

For the women who fought and even died for my right to do this, I vote. For all those who fought to create and maintain this democracy, I vote. For all those who even today fight to get democracy, I vote. For my immigrant grandparents who couldn’t even imagine what democracy was coming from a life so different, I vote, and I thank them for their courage to come here so that I can enjoy this basic privilege of democracy. Do it! Not just for you but for so many others!

I voted.
I voted.

“We are not amused.”
Not Mewsette nor Mimi nor Giuseppe nor Sienna thought it was funny when I offered some of my soup for lunch.

They don't like my lunch.
They don’t like my lunch.

Bella is ready to steal your soul now.

Bella will steal your soul now.
Bella will steal your soul now.

November 8

It’s blurry, but I couldn’t pass up the serious instruction by Mimi so that Mariposa would know the importance of immediately getting into an open dresser drawer with nice cushy sweaters by whatever means necessary.

Mimi and Mariposa.
Mimi and Mariposa.

“Hi. Whatcha doin? Do you see my big white mittens?”
Mariposa is eager to help no matter what I’m doing.

Mariposa posing.
Mariposa posing.

Big cuddle puddle behind the door. It’s like they’re crawling back into the womb. Mimi is glad that’s just a metaphor, though.

Four behind the door.
Four behind the door.

So Mimi joined them.

Five behind the door.
Five behind the door.

November 8

Basil and Mimi enjoyed a wonderful sunny morning yesterday. This doesn’t happen until nearly all the leaves fall, and we miss the leaves but we love the sun.

Basil and Mimi
Basil and Mimi

A great spot for a cozy nap on a cold rainy day. Guess I’ll put the towels away another time. Mimi had a little urinary issue late last week, similar to last year at the same time. I called my vet and Dr. Michelle and treated her symptoms. She cleared up quickly and in the evening was well enough to come out from her warm spot to run and hop into the wardrobe just as I was about to put the towels away. “Me, sick? Surely you mean some other cat. I’m fine.” She does need to have her senior exam soon though.

Mimi in the wardrobe.
Mimi in the wardrobe.

November 9

Three rescued cats inside a warm kitchen on a cold, cold, rainy day. Keeping an eye on my lunch. Sienna, Hamlet and Basil.

Three rescued cats at lunch.
Three rescued cats at lunch.

November 10




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