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A Special Auction: Mimi in the Laundry Shade

Mimi in the Laundry Shade, watercolor, 6 x 6 © Bernadette E. Kazmarski
Mimi in the Laundry Shade, watercolor, 6 x 6 © Bernadette E. Kazmarski

I find myself in a predicament with a car that needs to be replaced after it’s repaired, and a wide-format printer that needs to be replaced so I can make prints and the expenses for a show on November 2 that I’ve held off on until the car repair would be done, and Mimi developed a urinary issue. This came with no warning, on Friday morning, the reason I didn’t post that day or until now. She’s feeling better with treating the symptoms under the guidance of my veterinarian and a treatment from Dr. Michelle. She barely ate at all on Friday and was in the basement and in the box for a good bit of the day. Acidifying and adding cranberry concentrate and saw palmetto have eased that and she is eating well but she is still having symptoms, though we had a nice time in the back yard this afternoon, photos below.

If it persists she will need tests and possible treatment, and that won’t be able to wait for car stuff or printer stuff or my show. I had money stashed away for car repairs and emergencies, but all of this at once has stretched me pretty thin. And my car is waiting for a part so I can at least have it pass inspection and be safe to drive while I go out to shop for another younger car and use it as a downpayment. I have no idea when it will even be repaired and because I don’t have it to drive I can’t even find some little festivals to attend to round up a little more cash. I do have a vehicle to borrow in an emergency if Mimi needs emergency care, and I’m grateful for that.

Also, Mimi may look and act like a very young cat, but she is actually 15 years old—at least. I really don’t know for sure, but I do know that she had six litters of kittens before she came to me, and she was pretty depleted after that, and took a couple of years to really recover her vitality and become the kitty she is today. Fifteen is an age when youthful indiscretions or conditions sometimes catch up with a kitty, and I’d also like to get some baseline senior work done for her.

So what I’d like to do is auction off this original painting of Mimi, matted and framed, and put the sales of that and any print or greeting card toward her care.

Here’s a little more about the painting, and I have information on the auction below.

Mimi in the Laundry Shadow

I painted this on September 3, 2017 as the painting for day 3 in the September 30 Paintings in 30 Days challenge. I painted it from a photo I took in August 2015 which many people commented on when I posted it. I’ve always wanted to do a simple little painting of it: my colorful dresses and skirts moving gently in the breeze, the bricks in the patio outside my basement door, the bright sun and shadows, Mimi relaxing on the concrete step in the shade of the laundry. Just a nice memory of a simple summer morning. Since others seemed to like it as much as me it was even more of an incentive.

Mimi and the Laundry
Mimi and the Laundry

I painted this in watercolors on my 6 x 9 pad of 140 lb. watercolor paper. I enjoy painting on that little watercolor pad, the perfect weight, texture and size, and I’m so glad I found it. just working with it makes me more confident.

For this auction

Purchase a print or greeting card

Purchase a print or greeting card below, and all purchases will help cover expenses for Mimi’s care. For now I’ve removed the original from the list of items so that people can bid on it. One thing that I ask when you purchase is that you NOT use Paypal, just use a credit card in my shopping cart so that sales go right into my Square account and from there to my bank account so money is all in one place for expenses. If you want to donate rather than purchase, let me know so I can make arrangements.

[ss_product id=’faf2bf20-91df-11e7-b918-002590785994′ ]Feline Artwork, Mimi in the Laundry Shade[/ss_product]

Bid on the original

I don’t use any widgets for auctions so that people can simply bid right here and everyone can see the highest amount in the bidding. I will leave it open through Friday and announce the winner on Saturday. It gets pretty close to my show after that.

  1. The framed original is worth $200, so I will open the bidding at $100.
  2. Post your bid below, and you can always come back to check where the bidding is.
  3. I will check for the highest bid at midnight EST Friday, October 27, and announce it on Saturday, October 28.

Other sales help too!

Any purchase on supports what we do here. Right now I am running my annual sale on original art: from the Autumnal Equinox to the Winter Solstice, all original art is 25% off with the code SPLENDOROFAUTUMN25. Visit my art galleries and my handmade gifts too!


Mimi this afternoon

I’ve been clearing the overgrowth and some fallen limbs so we can finally get to Mimi’s Tree, the fallen mulberry, that leans on the ground so that she can walk right up in to it. It’s just her size!

Little Tree Panther.
Little Tree Panther.

As usual, Mimi has ideas of exploring the neighbor’s yard. She always looks like she’s entering a portal when she walks between the trees.

Mimi's adventures.
Mimi’s adventures.

And then she found the purrfect spot of sunlight on the settee out front and instead of heading in the door with me she decided she would have a bath and a nap. And she looked gorgeous while doing it too. Might be another painting!

Mimi on the settee.
Mimi on the settee.


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11 thoughts on “A Special Auction: Mimi in the Laundry Shade

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  • Congratulations, Debbie Blackburn, you are the winner! Thank you so much for helping Mimi!

    • Debbie Blackburn

      I am very glad to help Mimi and to
      also get this beautiful picture of her.

      • I’m so happy to know you’ll have it in your home to enjoy! and Mimi and I thank you again!

  • Debbie Blackburn

    I bid $150

  • Debbie Blackburn

    Oops – should say “where”

    • Debbie, yes, I figured bidding in the comments area was easiest for everyone who might bid. Thanks!

  • Debbie Blackburn

    Is this were we bid?

  • mimi ♥♥♥ we send de best oh fishez N blessingz frum st francis two ewe that yur 10000000000 purrcent way better N ya stay on de roadz oh healthee N happee ♥♥♥♥♥

    • Thanks, Tabbies! I’ll do my best to keep my best girl healthy!


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