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Daily Photo: Winter Sunshine

black and white two cast in sun by window
Winter Sunshine

Bella and Mr. Sunshine were enjoying the same winter sunshine together but apart. The spot on top of the bookcase has been popular for years just because of this late afternoon sun, and Mr. Sunshine rediscovered it recently. Bella always hangs out near him and she was waiting for a chance to cuddle with him, then the sun came in the window onto the table, and, well, here they are, motionless in this bright winter sunshine.


From around this date in past years

A Conversation Without Words, 2023

two black cats
Mewsette and Bella nose to nose in wordless conversation.

Mewsette and Bella nose to nose on the self-warming mat. I didn’t hear a sound, but I know that communication was happening. Was the elder Mewsette imparting wisdom to the younger Bella? Were they agreeing to share the warming mat? Did they just touch noses in greeting? Guess I’ll never know. They napped together there quite a while.


From Instagram

I wondered when Mimi might try out walking on the glass of the cold frame. Always curious.

Apparently it’s nice and cozy inside the A-frame cold frame with the geraniums, and a nap may be in order.

Really, it was 82° in there. What kitty wouldn’t want to sleep inside a shelter that’s all made of windows where it’s 82°? It’s made from my old shower doors which have a hammered glass pattern. If it’s confusing to look at, the red is Mimi’s collar the white dot is the bell, and the black is her.

I guess the wasps in my deck roof will have to do a little bit of rebuilding this year.

Tiny snail shell, about half the size of a pea in diameter.

For some reason this really cracks me up.


From Portraits of Animals

Big Blue, and My 2016 Trip to Savannah


From around this date in past years

Mimi Trapped in a Sunpuddle, 2022

black cat in sun
Mimi and Mewsette are ready to enjoy a sunny morning.

Mimi and Mewsette head out to enjoy this lovely sunny morning. It’s still quite cold, but the sun feels so warm, and the deck boards have been warmed by the sun. Mewsette continues on, but Mimi, well, it’s nice right there in the sunpuddle, so she sits down.

black cat in sun
Mimi, however, seems to be trapped in this one spot.

Yes, it certainly looks nice out there, but this sunpuddle is really warm and cozy right now, so Mimi’s going to stay where she is for a while.

black cat in sun
Yes, she’s succumbing to the sunshine…

Oh, so drowsy and comfy…

black cat in sun
It’s a feline-style sun salutation.

Maybe I’ll just have a little nap.

That’s a sun salutation, feline-style.


From Instagram

Mimi on the Catwalk!

Mimi walks the deck railing on a warm sunny day last week. Finally, no snow, no ice, and temperatures warm enough to explore again.


Saturday was a great day to steam up the windows with a big pot of soup while the snow swirled outside.

Formerly feral kitties enjoying a warm nap on the bed on a cold afternoon. Never ceases to warm my heart. Happy #caturday!

Don’t do it! It’s a trick!

It’s about time you got some framing done here.

I think Mr. Sunshine is catching on to the connection between me being busy, and the presence of cat food in the house.

Wow! Let’s enjoy while we can, tomorrow it rains and then it snows!


From the Garden and Beyond

Garden Faerie Throne

Just waiting for the queen to visit my garden so spring can start in earnest.

Garden Faerie Throne

Not Quite Sunset

Not Quite Sunset

Lincoln Portrait

Amazing performance of Aaron Copland’s “Lincoln Portrait” tonight at Andrew Carnegie Free Library & Music Hall.

Who would think that a concert of Americana music and this amazing work of Aaron Copland would be such a tearjerker? But then Copland’s “Fanfare for the Common Man” always makes me cry, as does “America the Beautiful”. And I love clapping in time to Sousa’s “Stars and Stripes Forever.” And it was so good to hear live music once again.

But mezzo soprano Marianne Cornetti’s reading of the text of Lincoln’s words in “Lincoln Portrait,” with an amazing performance by Duquesne University’s Wind Symphony conducted by James Gourlay, just put me over the top. These words, in these times, as Marianne said before the piece began. I have listened to this piece many times, and never quite hung on every word before.


From around this date in past years

Brotherly Boxparty, 2021

two black cats in a box
Brotherly boxparty

Sunshine and Jelly Bean observe the room from the box on the cabinet. It’s just a regular day, but everything is different when seen from inside the box. I think we even interrupted a Bean bath because he’s got a little blep there.


From Instagram

From today:

No comment.

But…the blep.

two black cats
No comment.

From the back yard and beyond.

Hey, lady! You need to refill this feeder!

Mimi and Mewsette and I are about to go outside onto the deck and give the squirrel a little visit.



From around this date in past years

One Very Full Basket, 2020

two black cats in a basket
Mr. Sunshine and Jelly Bean just fit.

The basket is filled like a deep dish pie, heaping over the top. Mr. Sunshine and Jelly Bean managed to stuff both of themselves in by curling into each other, but isn’t that the best way to take a nap? How they can breathe I don’t know, but they always come out of it alive.

From Instagram


Two black cats enjoying a cold but sunny morning each in their own way.

Giuseppe and Mimi in their own ways.

Virtual tail touch.

Virtual tail touch.


Mimi startled the girls when she ran out into the back yard and they ran to their safe place. Then they decided to nap until we left. Mimi was NOT pleased with the following tick check.

Wake up, sleepyhead!

The daffodils on Monday.

Sleeping on the job.

Sleepy Mimi

. . . . . . .

Photos from around this date in previous years

Reflections, 2019

Mariposa Reflecting
Mariposa Reflecting

There’s been a lot of birdwatching lately, and Mariposa has also become a purr-fessional at spotting the squirrel out in the yard when the bird feeder is empty of birds. She may not be much bigger than a squirrel, I wonder if she ever chased one?

With all this window-gazing I’ve been chasing reflections in the glass. They are just as elusive as little kitties sitting still. There has to be a darker background outside the window, and clear light on the subject inside. This light was late afternoon light reflected from the sky onto Mariposa, not as strong as full sunlight, but it softened the reflection nicely.

From Facebook

“Whatever you’re doing there you need to stop and get our dinner now.”

Just one of those scenes I saw when I turned around from doing something at the sink. Giuseppe, Basil, Mr. Sunshine, Jelly Bean.

Dinner, now, please.
Dinner, now, please.

Photos from years past.


Who’s That Kitty in the Mirror?, 2017

Nosetap for my new friend!
Nosetap for my new friend!

Mewsette gives her new friend a nosetap, though this strange friend has no smell and she looks pretty flat.

The mirror is on the bathroom door and Mewsette enjoys playing with her reflection. She’s done it before too (I also have them below, in this post, because they were posted on February 13 and I couldn’t help myself). I can’t get over how cute she is trying to figure this out and make friends with the new kitty. She even tried looking behind the door to see if that’s where she was. And further down there’s another of her peeking at herself in the round mirror above the wardrobe. Mewsette is quiet and introspective, and has a great sense of humor!

Maybe I'll check behind this door.
Maybe I’ll check behind this door.

. . . . . . .

What other photos have I shared on or around this date?


Who Is That Kitty?!
Who is that kitty?!
Who is that kitty?!

I’m fairly certain Mewsette is playing a little game with herself when she plays peek-a-boo with herself at the edge of a mirror. Whether or not, she certainly seems to be having fun with it.

Whatever she’s doing, I almost can’t stand the cuteness. If I laugh, she comes over to talk to me, so I have to be really, really quiet, though she’s accustomed to my camera so I take it out on snapping about a dozen shots.

If you look closely on her hip you’ll see a kitty shadow. That’s her mom, enjoying a sunbath. Mewsette will soon join her again, after she is certain the other black kitty will stay in that mirror.

. . . . . . .

Who Is That Kitty in the Mirror? 2013

black cat with reflection in mirror
Who is this kitty? She looks familiar…

Mewsette chanced to see a kitty in the mirror who looked somehow familiar…but she just couldn’t get to the kitty to find out! In the end, she made friends with the kitty.

I was so enthralled with her interaction with the kitty in the mirror, I took…lots of photos, and couldn’t choose just one. Besides that, I want everyone to see how cute she is. Scroll down to see the story unfold. (The mirror looks spotted with stuff, but it’s actually an older mirror that has a number of scratches in its finish on the back—but it fits the door perfectly.)

But why can't I get to her!
But why can’t I get to her!
Maybe she's behind the door!
Maybe she’s behind the door!
Nose tap.
Nose tap.
Meet my new best friend, says Mewsette.
Meet my new best friend, says Mewsette.
black cat with reflection in mirror I am Mewsette's new friend, says the reflection.
black cat with reflection in mirror I am Mewsette’s new friend, says the reflection.
High five to my new sister!
High five to my new sister!

. . . . . . .

Posted on Facebook and Instagram

Mimi says, “No way!” The sun looked so inviting, but a few steps out the door and a few sniffs of stuff on the deck were enough.

Mimi inside the door.
Mimi inside the door.

However, when she wanted to come back in, Basil decided to play a little game and he told her, “No!” Then Bella came along and fixed things.

Basil playing games.
Basil playing games.
Bella comes along.
Bella comes along.

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