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Daily Photo: Whiskery Nap

black cat on bed
Mewsette shows off her whiskers with a strategically placed yawn.

Mewsette thoroughly enjoyed a warm nap in a sunbeam on the bed on one of our cooler days recently, joined by her feline friends on the pillow, and in a really good yawn shows off her whiskers for #whiskerswednesday. It’s just one of those moments I love to discover, and just watch.


From Instagram

I think Mr. Sunshine fancies himself some sort of tribal elder, or sage, or oracle or something. Every morning after breakfast he opens the cabinet door, walks in and sits down, leaving the door ajar as you can see by the tail. Then one by one kitties open the door far enough to fit a face in there. I am not privy to the conversations that transpire. I guess I’m just a mere human, I wouldn’t understand. Perhaps he even charges them for his consultation services, like so many bites of their meals. I really wouldn’t put it past him.

After thinking about this, I’ll bet he’s taking confessions. My Catholic school years came back to me: wooden box, swinging door, someone dressed in black inside….

They’ve come for my . . . cereal. Specifically, the milk in my cereal. And they won’t be happy when they get a sample of that.

Thereby hangs a couple of tales of two #brothercats sharing the basket for nose-to-nose naps. Happy

Their greeting when I came home from my vendor time at today’s Farmers Market, and it’s #InternationalCatDay. We’ll see if the special treat I bought them for dinner will bring any redemption my way..

Because we only have one basket in the entire house, 3 siblings need to all smash themselves into it. Displaying a lot of white whiskers for #whiskerswednesday.

From the back yard and beyond

I’m a little behind on my daily photo blog Today but you can see these photos of a misty red sunset here.

Mist in the valleys after the storm, like cobwebs or cottony snow on the Christmas tree, tangled in the treetops.

After yesterday’s storm, there was some awesome mist in the valleys around here, I was out for an errand, and couldn’t resist. I couldn’t find a good spot in one of the valleys to photograph it, so I found a high spot and photographed it as the sun went down.

But it’s not so easy as that. The first set of photos I took were all overexposed because I bumped the dial on my camera and didn’t notice I had moved it to manual settings. I got in my car after 1/2 hour of photos and sat down to look at them before I left, which I usually don’t do, and all of them were…interesting…but not really what I saw. I started my car and left, driving down the road, thinking I had just missed an opportunity I’d never see again. I looked down into the valley as I drove and saw the mist was still there, not quite like it was when I had photographed it earlier, but still pretty nice. I turned around went back and did it all again.

Mist in the trees.

For an idea of how high up I am where I’m photographing this valley, in the lower right of the photo, right above the treetops along the bottom edge, if you look closely, you’ll see a neighborhood of tiny houses way, way down there.

The tiny town.

A strange and eerie sunset, turning a familiar landscape into a foreign land, possibly a foreign planet.

I had to capture the sunset in three photos, one for the sky, one for the color of the sun, and one for the Earth. My DSLR can do many things, but when it comes to Sun and Moon photography, it just looks for contrast and I lose detail on both ends of the light scale. One of these days, I’ll find the right settings.

Misty red sunset.

And to top it all off, I turned around to find a gentle rainbow in the east, and a muted set of sunset colors. Always look to the Eastern sky at Sunset, and you’ll see another light show.

A rainbow in the east.


From around this date in past years

Sienna Inspiring Me, 2020

tortoiseshell cat on the windowsill
Sienna inspiring me.

Something about Sienna is making an idea go “ding” in my head, and I think she’s sending it to me.

“Don’t you think I’d make a nice kitty shape for a magnet?”

Yes, you would!

“How about one of those glass things you’re trying to make now?”

I think the votive jar I’ve started that’s next to her is giving us both ideas.

“Pillow, maybe?”

Please, Sienna, stop it! I’m trying to work on something else!

Really, this is the first day that hasn’t been hot and choking with humidity, and studio work is difficult in weather like that. I’ve actually been working up there only late at night or very early morning, and Sienna has been there with me. Yes, she is helping me hatch some new ideas. Let’s hope it stays cool enough for me to follow through!


From the back yard and beyond

Another visitor to the yard, a tiger swallowtail, and this time a black phase female. I saw a regular swallowtail yesterday, yellow with black stripes, but couldn’t get a photo in time. I’m so happy to see her. My yard is typically full of them, but with few flowers after the groundhogs and deer had their way. I’m glad I got a few annuals to welcome them back!



From around this date in past years

Oops, Mimi Doesn’t Need to Be Watered, 2018

Mimi keeping a safe distance.
Mimi keeping a safe distance.

I unintentionally watered Mimi with the hose earlier so she is keeping her distance for now. If you look closely she is talking.

We had a great time out in the yard on Sunday morning. There had been little to no rain all week and my fledgling garden needed to be watered. Normally I find the old oscillating sprinkler to be wasteful and I’ll carry watering cans or water each plant by hand, but there’s just something about watching that sprinkler swinging slowly back and forth and spattering the entire garden. Watering like that is actually good for the birds and the bees too. I keep bird baths around which bees and butterflies use as well, but getting some humidity in the air and droplets on the leaves is good for them all, and I’ll often see both birds and bees fly in the water spray. Plus, it’s cool for photos.

It isn’t summer until I bring out the heirloom oscillating sprinkler just once. My mother bought it some time in the 1950s.

The sprinkler.
The sprinkler.

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black cat wit blue fuzzy toy
“I have vanquished the blue fuzzy!”

I am honored.

Her triumphal stance is priceless.

Possibly one of my favorite photos EVER, this was Mewsette’s “debut” in 2010, and another of the photos that encouraged me to post daily photos of my cats

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