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Daily Photo: Well-hidden Nap

black cat napping
Giuseppe among the kitties for his nap.

Do you see a black cat among the pillows enjoying a nap? I think he’s purrfectly well hidden behind Preppy Kitty, if indeed he’s there at all.

This napping spot is typically Sienna’s favorite, but she’s discovered some of the other beds in the basement and downstairs. But I was working in the studio next door to my bedroom, with the door closed no less, and likely giving those two kitties all the food in the world. Giuseppe was having a vigilant nap just in case I came out of the room with some extra food and I’d just give it to him. Kitties can dream!


From Instagram

Halloween Night

Mr Sunshine and little Mimi cat are keeping an eye on the neighborhood while I’m sitting out on the front porch with my candy for trick or treat. Apparently I can’t even hand out Halloween candy without some feline supurrvision.

Bold move Mariposa! She left before the next group of kids came, but Jelly Bean stayed to say hello.

Home again

Nothing gets past Mariposa! Apparently the indoor outdoor cat across the street is sitting out on his porch.

Alligator! I picked up a small sample bag of a novel protein veterinary diet food from @bluebuffalo at the AAFP conference. I couldn’t wait to try it out on the clowder. The fancy boys were right on it! They love new things.

For enrichment and a little snack I put a small amount of dry food or small treats inside of two simple egg-shaped food puzzles. It’s the highlight of their afternoon as usually all 10 gather to have a paw at this.

I generally feed only wet foods, but when I needed to start Simba on a prescription urinary diet, I gave him a food puzzle with some of the new food in it. He had eaten only one food before he came here, and I wanted to be sure he’d have a positive association with it. He took to it right away. I also brought home a sample of the urinary diet so once again he got his introduction to a new food through a food puzzle.

Making food fun! It’s one way to avoid creating finicky cats and provide enrichment.


From the back yard and beyond

I have to work on my site “Today” but I’m too busy taking photos. Really, we had rain overnight and because it’s cool, lots of raindrops that stayed a long time on stems and flowers. Yesterday the sun actually came out for a few seconds here and there and after I’d taken a lot of not-sunny photos I wanted to take a set of sunny photos. But the sun was quick about his visit and this scene was the only one I got.

flowers raindrops sunrise
Flowers Raindrops Sunrise


From around this date in past years

All Tucked In, 2021

tortoiseshell cat napping
Sienna is all tucked in.

This first truly cool day was full of happy naps, kitties cuddling and tucking themselves into spots they hadn’t enjoyed since last spring. Sienna took advantage of her favorite spot, on the pillows with Preppy Kitty.


From Instagram

It’s #tortiethursday and Sienna will be noticed!

#synchronizedsleeping on a chilly early autumn afternoon. I think they’ve been waiting for this just as much as I have been.


From the back yard and beyond

Whenever I see mushrooms sprouting in the grass I can’t help but envision some parallel but alien society living among us. Or maybe it’s elves.

black and white of mushrooms in grass
The Gathering.

You never step in the same stream twice.

The Same Stream


From around this date in past years

Go Away Summer, 2018

Chilling at the front door.
Chilling at the front door.

Mimi calmly stretches out and appreciates the cool air coming in the front door on a hot afternoon. Basil, however, always adds a little drama to any situation and writhes in the corner as if he’s in great suffering. It’s not THAT hot. But that’s life with Basil.

. . . . . . .

What other photos did have I shared around this date?


Framed, 2017
The joys of framing, with cats.
The joys of framing, with cats.

Mimi’s been framed, Basil is exploring the tissue box and Mr. Sunshine is stealing my tools. The joys of framing, with cats.

I’ve had my hands full with framing some of the art I’ve been creating as well as a few purchases. Until I get the studio in its final rearrangement I still need to put all my framing orders together with my personal framing and do it all at the same time. With this sort of help, well, things don’t get done too quickly, but we do have a lot of fun.

I shared this on Instagram and Facebook on Sunday, September 24.

. . . . . . .

What other photos did have I shared around this date?


Random Thoughts, 2013
cat shadow and cat toy
Random Thoughts

It’s just an odd sort of capture, Giuseppe on the landing with the light from the window casting him in silhouette, and the current favorite cat toy right there. If a cat were to sit on the landing and dream, wouldn’t it be of a sun puddle and a catnip toy?

. . . . . . .

Wordless Wednesday: Some Things I Love, 2013
black cat with basket of vegetables.
Mimi and a basket of fresh vegetables she helped me harvest.

. . . . . . .

What a Mess, 2013
two black cats
What a mess!

I had lots of entertainment at my desk today, if you consider the Unbearable Cuteness of Black Cats on a very busy day to be entertaining. I certainly did, especially when they provided me with cuteness breaks at just the right moments so that I didn’t lose my mind. Above is how it ended up. Below is a slideshow of how we got there.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

. . . . . . .

Touched By Sunshine, 2012
four black cats
They still want an explanation.

Giuseppe, Mr. Sunshine and Mewsette are still wondering what the problem is with black cats when they are being as pretty as possible. Mimi is not concerned.

Just reinforcing for “Less Adoptable Pets Week” that “less adoptable pets” are beautiful once they get into your home and your heart. Anyone I know who has adopted a black cat intentionally or unintentionally has soon come to love all black cats for the depth and beauty of that black fur, and learned that underneath the color, all cats are cats, despite what humans think.

Tomorrow we’ll learn about living with a deaf cat who the kids never met.

. . . . . . .

Wordless Wednesday: Peaches Reflecting
calico cat reflected in table
Peaches Reflecting.

From 2010, featuring the beauty and love of a highly-adoptable senior kitty; this is the photo that inspired my daily photos on The Creative Cat.

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charcoal sketch of cat sleeping
“A Vigilant Nap”, black and white charcoal pencils on gray toned paper, 4.5″ x 7″ © Bernadette E. Kazmarski

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