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Daily Photo: Visitors!

four black cats and woman
Dr. Michelle is greeted by Mr. Sunshine, Giuseppe, Mimi and Bean

Last week was a very busy week and we had so many visitors that Mimi and the Fantastic Four could hardly stay awake to celebrate their birthday! I always feel bad about the stacks of bins and boxes right in my office as you enter, and the fact my felines seem to have no place to play, but I’m thinking it’s not such a bad arrangement if people walk in the door and the first thing they see is a pile of black cats, and then the black cats get petted, often for extended periods of time. I’m beginning to think they aren’t sleeping down there to be near me, but to be near the door in case someone comes to visit!

I’ve always been lucky to have not only nice cats but congenial cats who enjoyed visitors. These five carry on the tradition in grand style.

Thanks to Dr. Michelle for two acupuncture treatments and to Heather Long for helping me with fluids for Kennedy!

. . . . . . .

Dr. Michelle

The first acupuncture appointment.

black cat with acupuncture needles
This may be going just a little too far.

. . . . . . .

A customer…

One of my customers stopped by so we could work side by side on a newsletter. Jelly Bean found it necessary to supervise. Actually, he kept carefully stepping over her laptop until he felt he’d gotten enough attention. Another customer who’s a cat person.

black cat and person using computer
Bean supervises my customer as we work.

. . . . . . .

Dr. Michelle again…

The second acupuncture appointment for the pain from Kennedy’s glaucoma, though Giuseppe and Mr. Sunshine found Michelle’s shoulders a handy place to observe if Kennedy was getting any extra food or treats.

woman with black cat
Holding Kennedy.
woman with black cat
Giuseppe thinks no one can see him.
woman with black cat
Mr. Sunshine doesn’t care if anyone can see him.

. . . . . . .


Nate is my neighbor’s son, the family who lost Little Man in May and who are fostering Fleury. His mom sent him down to borrow something, and of course he had to spend time with the cats.

boy with black cats
Nate greets Giuseppe, Mimi and Sunshine.
boy with black cats
Mr. Sunshine inspects Nate.

. . . . . . .


Heather Long is the person who rescued OGD and fostered, and still fosters, Frankencat. She also has a pet sitting business, Au Purr, and I asked her if she could stop by and help me give fluids to Kennedy. Kennedy isn’t difficult, but he has a restless energy and as soon as I would get him settled down, he would get up and start to walk around again. She relaxed him and I ran the tap on the bag so we got a good dose of fluids into him. And of course everyone enjoyed yet another visitor.

woman with black cats
Heather greets the pile of cats.
woman with black cats
Kennedy cruises around and rubs his face on Heather’s elbow.

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