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Daily Photo: Virtual Brothers

Virtual Brothers
Virtual Brothers

You can clearly see that Hamlet finds himself to be very clever in getting Jelly Bean to give him a bath.

What a change this is with him. Until his sister Ophelia left she was the only cat he mingled with; he just seemed to pretend he didn’t even see the other cats. Now he follows them around, rubs up against them and puts his head under theirs knowing they will wash his face. This is a dominance thing, but it’s been working well for all concerned, and Hamlet loves everyone. I wish I’d had the space to separate him and his sister when they were younger to let them each find their way in a home with other cats, and then bring them back together. This works too. O is the happy beloved princess in her new home, and Hamlet is learning more each day.


From Instagram

Bella is really trying hard to like my vegetable soup.

She has to inspect everything I eat or handle in the kitchen. She also thinks it’s unfair that I get to eat when she doesn’t.

Bella tastes my vegetable soup.
Bella tastes my vegetable soup.

You don’t even need a box, cats find just a square of paper irresistible enough to climb inside. Makes framing, with cats, an interesting challenge.

Mimi in a square.
Mimi in a square.

. . . . . . .

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Clean Up This Yard! 2015
"You really need to clean up this yard!
“You really need to clean up this yard!

Mimi apparently got over her little bout of fear brought on by the weather the other day, but she clearly let me know she does not like snow and that I should get about removing it.

Mimi heads back toward the door.
Mimi heads back toward the door.

We went outside to feed the birds and fill the birdbaths this morning, and after a quick sniff at a few things on the deck Mimi headed for the steps and her happy run out into the back yard. Just as quickly she was headed back for the door. I ignored this, knowing she’d get accustomed to the cold and snow.

"Are you going to finish cleaning?"
“Are you going to finish cleaning?”

I proceeded as planned, down to the yard, sweeping off the steps as I went, heading for another bird bath. Mimi followed me down the steps but would not step off. Then she followed me, stepping in my footprints.

Actually, Mimi was quite relaxed about it all.
Actually, Mimi was quite relaxed about it all.

Her paws adjusted to the snow quickly and she followed her own pattern of going off to explore, then returning to me to walk under my skirt then rub against my legs, stopping to stand with one front paw lifted. I can see Mimi and I have a long winter ahead of us.

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Hamlet Profile
Hamlet Profile

Hamlet and his sister Ophelia were rather feral kittens, did not socialize to fosters, and were placed in a barn to live as feral cats. That didn’t suit them either, so they came to me. It took a while for them to find their socialized selves, and I am more than happy to have gotten to know them and help them to realize humans were nice things, and to be able to have them as my muses and models for a couple of years. Hamlet was meant to inhabit the magic yellow basket. I featured this photo on Black Cat Appreciation Day in 2016. Read more and purchase.


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