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Daily Photo: Cold and Wet

black cat running up steps
Please, let me in!

Mimi begged to go outside today, so out we went when I needed to gather some herbs for today’s pot of soup and then to finally bring in my geraniums and begonias. She got a little surprise as the temperatures were steadily dropping and the rain began to fall. Some tough former street cat, as she’d been trying to convince me she was! Her little paws aren’t suited for November rain anymore, though she did hop out into the leaves and grass when she heard a bit of something rustling around out there.

black cat in yard
Something is rustling over there!

She had gone around to the basement door, and I thought of the days when she was an outdoor kitty and came to our garden to hunt and to have a drink of clean water in the bowl I always had outside. Before she came to live with me I saw her from indoors and out looking in the screen door.

black cat in yard
Mimi looks desperately through the screen door, but the basement door is closed.

I like weather like that now and then and look forward to a pot of soup on the stove and a warm kitchen, but Mimi seemed to have some bad memories and at one point decided she just wanted back in, though the basement door was closed. I was on the deck when she looked up at me with huge eyes and I had the sense that, just in that moment, she was afraid she might not be able to come back in. This had happened to her, more than once, before she came to me, and while she’s been pretty sassy and adventurous when we’ve been out in the yard in nice weather, things were different now. She leaped through the grass and leaves and came running up the steps, heading right for the back door and skimming inside before I even had it open. She spent the rest of the afternoon solidly on my lap. Some things are hard to let go.

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11 thoughts on “Daily Photo: Cold and Wet

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  • da tabbies o trout towne

    mimi…..we hope mom B putted catnip in de soup long with sum toona water, trout oil and a few donuts for dunkin !!! heerz two a grate week
    oh end everee one !~~~

    • Tabbies, I gave Mimi a dollop of sour cream while I ate my baked potato and the soup was cooking. It was all very good!

  • Being spoiled in a warm kitchen with soup and company 🙂
    Life is grand inside!!

    • Tillie and Georgia, Mimi is glad her children don’t know why it’s as good as it is.

  • It is certainly getting colder here. We did have a mild day today with a lot of rain.
    When it stops, it will be back to colder temps.Inside is the place to be.
    Mom likes a big pot of homemade soup too.
    Us, well we love cuddles and scritches.
    We also like extra days with Mom and she is using up vacation days and is off Friday!
    Spend time in that lap Mimi. Let your Mom spoil you 🙂
    Purrs Tillie and Georgia,
    Treasure, Tiger, JJ and Julie

    • Mimi deserves to be spoiled! Yesterday we were 72 degrees, today we are 40. I’ve left my plants outside knowing they were okay, but I knew tonight would be serious. I’ve had some of my geraniums for over a decade! Mimi did supervise the effort, and all five gathered in the kitchen for the soup. Stay warm!


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