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Daily Photo: Clean Up This Yard!

black cat in snow
“You really need to clean up this yard!

Mimi apparently got over her little bout of fear brought on by the weather the other day, but she clearly let me know she does not like snow and that I should get about removing it.

black cat on snowy deck
Mimi heads back toward the door.

We went outside to feed the birds and fill the birdbaths this morning, and after a quick sniff at a few things on the deck Mimi headed for the steps and her happy run out into the back yard. Just as quickly she was headed back for the door. I ignored this, knowing she’d get accustomed to the cold and snow.

black cat on steps.
“Are you going to finish cleaning?”

I proceeded as planned, down to the yard, sweeping off the steps as I went, heading for another bird bath. Mimi followed me down the steps but would not step off. Then she followed me, stepping in my footprints.

black cat in snow.
Actually, Mimi was quite relaxed about it all.

Her paws adjusted to the snow quickly and she followed her own pattern of going off to explore, then returning to me to walk under my skirt then rub against my legs, stopping to stand with one front paw lifted. I can see Mimi and I have a long winter ahead of us.

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7 thoughts on “Daily Photo: Clean Up This Yard!

  • Oh those poor cold tows Mimi!
    We had rain mixed with snow last night!
    It was cold,but we hardly had any snow that stayed.
    Today it did not snow and it was colder!
    We are glad we stay indoors.
    Only Mom got cold,hehee
    Purrs Tillie and Georgia,
    Treasure,Tiger, JJ and Julie

    • She was ready for more today, didn’t want to come back in, and wanted back out later! Guess she’s getting used to it.

  • da tabbies o trout towne

    mimi…yea…mom B doez knead ta get out side N kleen up de yard…if her uzes a wet dry vaccum masheen gizmo what cha call
    it; her shuld have it done by fryday….


    • Her mowed the grass and leaves into mulch, that’s a much kleenup as Madame Mimi gets!

  • It’s hard to believe she was once an outdoor kitty. So happy that she is now a lady of luxury!

    • Vicki, I saw her nearly every day outside in all weather–how she must have hated it! I’m so happy for her now.


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