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Daily Photo: Unexpected Frills

cat scratching cardboard box
Mewsette, famous feline cardboard interpretation artist, gets to work early, while the inspiration of dreams is fresh.

“I like the idea of taking the edges off these dull rectangular boxes,” says Mewsette, famous feline cardboard interpretation artist as she dexterously adds a few early-morning touches to her latest endeavor at finding the statement hidden within the cardboard. “It’s a metaphor for life.”

Mewsette’s newest work is called “Unexpected Frills”, and true to her word she is taking the edges from a very dull rectangular cardboard box. But not all the edges—Mewsette does like her statements in contrast and has chosen just one section of the box to skillfully peel the layers of paper that make the corrugated surface and pulling them up in strips so they can curl, and it looks as if the box is either losing its stuffing or some organic matter is growing from a spot about two-fifths down from the top of the box, only on one edge.

“This is what is ‘unexpected’,” Mewsette adds, “you don’t expect to see extemporaneous frilly things as part of a rectangular cardboard box.

“The box does not want to be rectangular. And it’s another statement in my series of works describing impermanence, much like our human talks about those buildings that start sprouting trees from the roof, nature always reclaims what is hers. I am helping this cardboard box in reclaiming its true nature.”

Wherever did Mewsette get that idea? But it is a lovely work. I’m going to have to be very careful when I need to open this carton to use the Priority Mail shipping boxes inside.

cardboard box with claw marks.
“Unexpected Frills”

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rainwater running over feet.
Rainwater running over my feet.

And if you wonder where Mewsette gets her crazy ideas when she gets to her cardboard interpretation, you should see what our human did just a little bit ago. We had a storm—and it had been really, really hot, forever—and while we were glad for the cool wind and darkness, we sensibly took shelter under the desk or in the basement but she went outside in the storm, and stood in the water falling! She was dancing in a puddle, and we’d say she made a real fool of herself, but that’s what makes our mom fun.

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6 thoughts on “Daily Photo: Unexpected Frills

  • awwww Mewsette…such style, such sense of texture, such well…such artistic flair…sigh…pawsome

  • “the box does not want to be rectangular…”

    love it. love the feet in the rushing rain too. great post.

  • I think you missed Mewsette’s pun. Her art installation is “a metafur for life.”

    • Meg, Mewsette is the one kitty who doesn’t always like “catspeak”, especially when she’s wearing her artist’s beret.

    • Mewsette is humble. Perhaps some day she’ll have an exhibit.


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