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Daily Photo: Those Poor Kitties, What’s All Over Them?

three black cats with print
Those poor kitties!

Oh, my, those poor kitties, what’s all over them?

Don’t look Mewsette, it’s scary!

My children, there are unfortunate kitties out there who are not as perfectly colored as you, but there is nothing wrong with them. They are perfectly normal even though they aren’t…perfect. This is what happens when cat parents don’t choose the right—oh, don’t worry about that!

The right what, Mama Mimi?!

I never had to have that talk with you because you’re…

We’re what?!

You’re perfect, that’s what! You are absolutely perfect!

Choose the right cat daddies is what Mimi is trying not to say. Sometimes cat moms, like human moms, have to evade the truth a bit where their children are concerned.

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black cat reflected in mirror
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4 thoughts on “Daily Photo: Those Poor Kitties, What’s All Over Them?

  • Nancy Blue Moon

    Indeed they are “absolutely perfect” Mama Mimi..

    • And they don’t need to know what she did to make them perfect either, Nancy!

  • We understand. When you are a black family,
    it is hard to understand what a “Tuxedo” kitty is 😉 heehee

    Thank you for your kind thoughts when Tiger went to the Bridge.

    • Georgia and Julie, they’ve lived with dark tabbies and torties and a dilute calico, but never a tux. Hmmm….


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