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Daily Photo: Supurrvising My Open Houses

two black cats in display
Mimi and Mewsette supurrvise and check to see I’ve taken down all artwork.

Mimi and Mewsette supurrvise the cleanup of my 2020 open house in the back yard. They take it very seriously. They are also intrigued by the view from the table, which they’ve never seen before.

I have been considering an open house in my back yard this month as I’d had in 2020 and 2021. Both were just around this time of the month so I thought I’d feature photos of Mimi and Mewsette in both years supurrvising my setup and cleanup. The time spent outside with them is such a precious memory, and really it took me extra long to get things done because I was watching what they’d do as, always curious and loved their time outside with me, they always got involved in  anything I was doing.

Below, Mimi is absolutely in heaven because she made it into the shed. I preferred she not go in there, mostly because she could get into areas I couldn’t and then I’d have to stand there and wait until she decided to come out. But she was so caught up in our work out in the back yard that when I called her she usually came with me right away to start on the next adventure.

black cat in shed
Mimi is in heaven.

So apparently we were all finished cleaning up out in the yard but still had some work to do on the deck, so Mewsette enjoys a roll in the sun in front of the table of greeting cards and holiday garden flags and ornaments.

Mewsette rolls around in the sun.

And then both of them decide to take a sun break. I, of course, continue packing things up.

Girls take a break.
Girls take a break.

But the tents were not taken down and packed away. The day after this I locked everyone out of the basement, and Mimi and Mewsette were on leashes on the deck, and I spent the day carrying everything out of my basement—the first time—so we could get our new furnace! We’d actually had a frosty morning by this time of the month that year!

In 2021 they again supurrvised the cleanup, though Mewsette took some time to browse my art prints.

black cat in display
Mewsette browses my display of prints.

Then it’s time to make sure that everything is well-packed and ready to be stored away for another year.

I miss that time we spent together. Mewsette was so much fun because everything was new and exciting, even if we’d done it yesterday. We’ll see if the boys can do the same if I decide to have an open house this year. It’s good to see that Mimi is still feeling pretty good about her outdoor activities.


From Instagram


I settled in to do some weeding and Mr Sunshine settled down on the hem of my sundress, so I guess this spot is going to get weeded really really thoroughly because of course I’m not allowed to move when a kitty is that happy.

Someone isn’t happy that he has to chaperone the kids while I run out for errands. It looks to me like the three of them are planning a really good time while I’m gone.


Boys pretend they don’t understand the concept of “go back inside.”

Shadows and light. #Meowdel: Giuseppe

As I sit here I slowly become part of the furniture. Of the cats who are here on the cabinet and on my lap. From the top it’s Hamlet, Mr. Sunshine, Mimi, Giuseppe, and Basil on my lap. This is a new thing for Hamlet. The big fleshy thing in the lower left is actually my wrist as I reach for the shutter button with my left hand. They are starting to stir from their naps so purrhaps I’ll be able to get my day started soon.

Giuseppe must have told them one heck of a bedtime story yesterday afternoon as part of his chaperone duties for the kids, the three youngest cats in the house. When I got home here’s how they were on the bed, completely sacked out and didn’t even flick an ear when I walked into the room. Giuseppe was curled up on the fluffy bath rug.

After all the renovations, they hadn’t really resumed their former napping and sleeping patterns, and one of them was a good long nap on the bed in the afternoon for several cats. They’d been napping in the baskets by the big North window downstairs. Now the three youngest are back to that habit, and Giuseppe’s been joining them.

No one’s gone back to sleeping in the basement though I have several sleeping places set up for them, and no one really joins me when I’m down there, except occasionally Mimi when she wants something. But they have been enjoying the kitchen even though it’s not finished but it’s a very nice place.



The day’s adventure begins.

I find the most interesting things when I walk in my kitchen sometimes. Like Mr. Sunshine in a crate.



Sharing a strip of sun at sunrise.

From around this date in past years

Mimi and Mewsette Check My Setup, 2022

black cat rolling on concrete
Mewsette has a good roll on concrete.

The afternoon had grown warm enough and finally we went outside! Mewsette made her way to her favorite slab of warm concrete and rolled and rolled in the sun as I began setting up to photograph merchandise. If Mewsette and Mimi are occupied and happy, we can all do our thing. Quietly, I picked up the old wooden shoeshine bench from on the deck and carried it down to the brick patio near Mewsette.

But Mewsette was on to that right away and came trotting over.

black cat walking with tail up
Mewsette strolls over to see what I’m doing.

And immediately hopped up on the little bench. Everything needed a good sniff, especially the inside area.

black cat on wooden box
Mewsette has a really good sniff all over.

Somehow Mimi got the message, though it’s likely she and Mewsette communicate somehow, and hurries down from the deck.

black cat running through grass
Mimi hurries over to see.

Both of them get to work to inspect and explore the thing inside and outside.

two black cats with wooden box
Both girls sniff it inside and out.

How kind of them to take time out of their busy days to take care of this for me. I think I’ll just go somewhere else in the yard and photograph things there.

I did eventually get a chance to photograph on this thing. Funny how cats, and other animals, suddenly find a great interest in something you’re paying attention to.


From Instagram

Thanks to my awesome neighbors who helped me figure out the best solution to a busted washer hose, and actually installed the new one! Mr. Sunshine really wanted to get a paw in on the action, and Mimi almost slept through it.

So this morning the washer starts to fill up for a rinse cycle and what’s that hissing noise? I look to find the hot water hose has burst open and is spraying water all over the wall and the backs of the appliances. I can’t turn the handles for the shut-off valves because they’ve been corroded for so long and my only alternative is to completely shut off the water.

That’s okay, I’ve fixed things like this before. Except that after so many years of tendonitis from using a computer, even after finding my pipe wrenches and some pliers, I can’t turn either the valve handle nor remove either end of the old hose. If I could clamp off that hot water hose, I would at least be able to turn my water back on and do laundry in cold water until I could fix it.

I just happened to mention this in a reply to a message from my neighbor just after it happened, and shortly after her husband knocked on my door, skilled at plumbing and all sorts of things after building homes with his family, he managed to get the hose off the shut off valve, but had to cut it off the washer. In the end we were able to just replace the hoses and I’m back in business.

I won’t say what my basement looks like at any given time because I have so much of my merchandise stored down there in bins, projects waiting on my work table, boxes and packing materials, tools and household goods, not to mention 11 literboxes stashed here and there and very little place to store things, it’s kind of like a maze, it annoys me but my kitties kind of love it. Thank goodness also for neighbors who understand those things.

Great way to start the week!

Saying goodbye to a little more of summer as flowers fade and I harvest the basil and parsley to make soups for winter as Mimi basks and supurrvises.

Thinking of all who are in Hurricane Ian’s wake. The destruction is unbelievable. This huge storm will even have an impact all the way up in PA with 50mph winds and inches of rain just south of me.

Giuseppe, you are way cooler than a pencil eraser with sunglasses. Happy #caturday !


From the Garden and Beyond

Can I Move In for the Winter?


From around this date in past years

Checking Peemail, 2021

black cat sniffing plants
Mimi checking peemail

It was a very detailed message.

Animals can tell quite a bit about the animal that left the urine there, especially of their own species. Judging by the height of this message, it was likely an unneutered male cat marking his visit, that much I can tell. Mimi is probably taking down his last known address, his identifying markings and possibly his next of kin so she’ll know exactly who invaded and dared to mark something in her territory.

black cat sniffing plants
Mimi downloading peemail.


From Instagram

Well, with today’s Farmers Market three months of weekly vendor events is over. Some weeks two vendor events each week. I’m suddenly feeling exhausted and just want to sit here at the top of the steps, but these two are motivated by a beautiful evening and lots of sunlight, and somehow I think they know they’ll have more time outdoors after today. Right now, I’m looking forward to a good night’s sleep.

two black cats in sun
Mimi and Mewsette are ready for fun.

“Do you want me to chew on the basil and parsley a bit to tenderize them for the sauce?”
~ Giuseppi Verdi, feline sous chef

black cat in kitchen

From the Garden and Beyond

Crossing the Bridge

People walking across a footbridge reflected in the moving water of a stream.



From around this date in past years

Cat Silhouettes and Autumn Colors, 2020

cat silhouettes on the windowsill
Cat Silhouettes in Autumn

It’s hard to believe it’s this time of year already! But my fine felines are here in the studio to share it with me. Sienna loves to be up there generally, and when I’m there she’s so excited she has a hard time calming down. On this day, one by one, everyone followed me upstairs and several were in there with me, just like old times. Giuseppe is on the left, Sienna is on the right.

I still have the bird feeder outside the dining room window so birds collect in the spruce to wait in line, all the way up to the second floor. More birds line up on the edge of the front porch roof, still more birds hang out on the gutter just above the window.

Sienna watching birds on the gutter
Sienna watching birds on the gutter.

Because I’ve been working so much in other areas of the house and in the yard, and also moved my graphic design tasks down to the office, I haven’t been spending as much time in the studio since mid-summer. That was a nice break. I’d been spending so much time up there that I was beginning to avoid it and the work I needed to do. I still need to finish reorganizing in there, but for the moment. while I’m getting ready for my open house, I’m just getting things done!


From Instagram

The photos above were also shared on Instagram in the past week.

Mimi’s garden bench has seen better days, and she lets me know all about that. But she still finds it acceptable for a good nap in warm Autumn afternoon sunshine.

There is another cat in OUR yard! I heard a loud yowl from Mariposa of all kitties. She makes a lot of little noises, but I’ve never heard her make a sound like that before, she must be very possessive of HER home. Mr. Sunshine, Mimi and Sienna line up to tell me I need to do something about this. It’s a neighborhood torbie with a collar, I presume she lives on the next street over. Mimi and I will have to do something about this.

From the backyard and beyond

While I was photographing Mimi on the bench….

Looks like ramen.



From around this date in past years

Lazy Hunting, 2019

Mimi on the wicker settee.

Don’t take the serene expression too seriously. Mimi is “lazy hunting” the myrtle, 8 feet away. One leaf rustles and she’ll be on top of it.

From Instagram

Hamlet and his shadow fit purrfectly into the rectangle of light from the window in the basement door. So can even a square of light entice a cat step inside? I think cats are very aware of composition.

Hamlet in the square of sun.
Hamlet in the square of sun.

Photos from years past

Three Brothers in A Rainy Weekend Nap, 2018

All tucked in.
All tucked in.

The rain started Saturday morning, and immediately they huddled around as if they were out in the rain and miserable. The Brothers Three spent the weekend pretty much like this, and a few other photos below.

I always put the cat beds away for the summer, and even the baskets when the heat gets as bad as it was. It just feels cooler with less around.

But suddenly it felt bare. As soon as I put the baskets out, cats were headed for them. I have photos below from the weekend, these first six are from today.

Humans would be gasping for breath with limbs falling asleep.

Ears and toe beans.
Ears and toe beans.

Someone isn’t quite asleep.

Just falling asleep.
Just falling asleep.



Pretty tangled.


Puzzle this one out. I couldn’t, until they moved a little and I could tell which leg belonged to whom.

Puzzle this one out.
Puzzle this one out.

From Instagram Friday through the weekend

Saturday: We had to close the windows and bring out the cat beds! What a difference a day made, now it feels cold, very welcome. I put the baskets away for the summer but saw Giuseppe and Bella shivering (ha ha) I realized I’d missed seeing them in the baskets. I set them out and immediately they were milling around and settling in.

We had to close the windows and bring out the cat beds! What a difference a day made, now it feels cold, very welcome.
We had to close the windows and bring out the cat beds! What a difference a day made, now it feels cold, very welcome.

Really you guys, it’s 65 degrees in here. Basil and Bella settled on a few sweaters from the basement that needed to be washed.

Really you guys, it's 65 degrees in here.
Really you guys, it’s 65 degrees in here.

Sunday: Three brothers in a basket, just right for a rainy day. One of the first of three days of sleeping in baskets. How do they do it? I’d be unable to walk after that.

Three brothers in a basket, just right for a rainy day.
Three brothers in a basket, just right for a rainy day.

Monday: Exercise biker chick supurrvises drying of wet basement floor. Bella!

Exercise biker chick supurrvises drying of wet basement floor.
Exercise biker chick supurrvises drying of wet basement floor.

. . . . . . .

What other photos did I feature around this date?

Bella’s Eyes, 2017
Bella's eyes.
Bella’s eyes.

Bella was intently watching her silly fur brother Basil race up and down the steps with some toy while sitting conveniently right in front of me, between me and my computer monitor. What else could I do but photograph her? Her eyes are such an unusual color, sometimes they look distinctly amber, but here the cool daylight from the north window was shining on her face and that always cools down her eye color. I was enjoying her whiskers too.


From Yesterday

Mimi and I took a walk outside in the early evening. She hasn’t been enjoying her time outdoors in the morning with Mewsette and the laundry and I had the idea it was because she was stuck on the patio and really wanted some alone time from the kids. So I put the harness on her and connected her leash, but let her go at will, and that seemed to do the trick. She headed right for the picnic table.

Mimi on the picnic table.
Mimi on the picnic table.

You can see it’s in pretty bad shape. Honestly, my brother pulled it out of someone’s trash for me about 25 years ago; he worked for a landscaper and they cleared it out of someone’s back yard, and he knew I’d like it. I fixed it up and put some finishes on it, and it’s been on the deck or out in the yard all those years, patiently waiting for me and my cats to visit. I haven’t had the time to repair its ills, but I can see that what’s broken can still be fixed and I’ll get to that this fall, step by step. We need a picnic table out there, for memories, you know.

That’s not the only reason we haven’t been out there for a while. I had let everything in the yard grow for a while, and Mimi would have been out of sight in a second. In July I pulled the tallest things then used a sickle to cut the grass and shorter things, but left my garden covered and some of the other areas. The garden is under 10 feet of jewel weed and it’s humming so loudly with bees you can hear it in the basement. I decided that’s a good thing and they can stand until frost. A neighbor’s tree dropped another smaller branch onto Mimi’s tree, and the branches and Mimi’s tree, well, they have to go. But for now at least we can get to the picnic table.

And here’s another of those fun swirling photos of Mimi. It must be her. I can’t reproduce this if I try.

Just one of those weird spinning photos. Maybe it's Mimi.
Just one of those weird spinning photos. Maybe it’s Mimi.

From Instagram

New rug in front of the sink, it’s the hot new napping spot right now.

On the rug, waiting for something.
On the rug, waiting for something.
Napping on the kitchen rug.

. . . . . . .

What other photos did I feature around this date?

Occupying the Desk in Six Easy Steps, 2016
Step 1: start early.
Step 1: start early.

The same five cats occupied my desk yesterday, Mimi and Giuseppe, Sunshine and Bean, and Basil in place of Mewsette, who was enjoying the cool concrete in the basement.

To give them credit, we started the day quite differently from the usual morning at the desk, with moving furniture and a loud and sometimes frightening event—removing the beloved but crumbling old behemoth of a stove and replacing it with a new/used stove with the help of a neighbor. We replaced the nonworking old refrigerator last week with the help of the multi-talented Dr. Michelle, and all this ruckus is one of the reasons I’m a little behind on posting and things, but we are all very happy with the outcome.

And my poor felines are exhausted, as you see. They worked hard inspecting every bit of floor they’d never seen before, reuniting with long-lost toys (that looked just like the same bottle rings and caps and popsicle sticks they already had all over the kitchen floor), riding around on furniture being moved, looking at the new views from where it was moved to, being extremely good kitties by not ever considering running out when the storm door was open, and scrambling to the basement whenever things went all pear-shaped and impossible to discern.

After the front door was replaced on its hinges, all the furniture replaced, floor mopped and most things put somewhere, I had to get back to work, but I am never alone in that. Above, you can see the first stage of occupying the desk by five determined black cats, as I quietly worked at my computer. Immediately below you can see Step 2 of their occupation as I returned from working on organizing the stove and refrigerator in my driveway, but they had no intention of giving up the desk even when I left it to do something that potentially needed supervision.

Step 2: Hold your ground.
Step 2: Hold your ground.

As I worked they rested, though I knew they were aware of everything I did. They shuffled about just a bit from their initial positions just to let me know they were on top of things.

Step 3: Move around just enough to make it interesting.
Step 3: Move around just enough to make it interesting.

And they proved to be interesting enough to me that I was forced by fear of not capturing every possible photo of them to get up every five minutes or so and take a few more photos from more angles.

Step 4: Look good from all angles.
Step 4: Look good from all angles.

And then after several hours came the big shuffle when often someone will leave and the group will break up. But not this group. They all found another shape to sleep in, and got back to work sleeping supervising.

Step 5: Shuffle everyone around.
Step 5: Shuffle everyone around.

Step 6: They’ve got this thing down as they appear to be melting into one another. I was completely amused supervised for the entire afternoon.

Step 6: End the day with a good form.
Step 6: End the day with a good form.

. . . . . . .

What other photos did I feature around this date?

Today’s Studio Supervisors, 2015
Simon watches me while Teddy Bear watches birds in the spruce.
Simon watches me while Teddy Bear watches birds in the spruce.

In hot weather, especially in the morning, it’s actually cooler in my studio because it faces northwest and has the trees out front that provide dense shade. A nice breeze comes in the casement windows, and you can see Simon and Teddy Bear are taking advantage of it and the cool marble windowsill. This was after they had rearranged my desk and much of anything that wasn’t tied down in my studio, and they felt need to have a rest. Simon keeps his eye on me while Teddy Bear keeps an eye on the birds and cleans off my desktop with his tail. Simon didn’t think I noticed when he dozed off and opened his eyes again really fast, and is trying to be cool about it. Some feral kittens they are…

Simon watches me while Teddy Bear keeps an eye on the neighborhood.
Simon watches me while Teddy Bear keeps an eye on the neighborhood.

. . . . . . .

On Instagram and Facebook

It’s 90 degrees, why are they cuddling? I guess cats can never be too hot, and Guiseppe and Bean can never be too close.

Giuseppe and Bean cuddle in 90 degree heat.
Giuseppe and Bean cuddle in 90 degree heat.

. . . . . . .

Yes, I’m Cute, 2014
long-haired black cat
“Yes, I’m cute!”

He plays on the pink cat track so much that he just falls down to have a nap. He’s a busy kitten so he’s really difficult to photograph! But I’m not complaining—that’s how kittens are supposed to be.

Smokie has progressed from traumatized fearful to happy, playful and bold in the past week, each day leaving behind another little fear. Even after he came to trust me he was still frightened by loud noises outside, loud noises inside, the shower, any hissing crackling plastic bag, any fast (or clumsy) move by me or any attempt to pick him up, each of which sent him running behind the toilet for safety. Now it’s just those pesky plastic bags that frighten him, and today when Dr. Michelle came to visit to see how he was with people aside from me he adapted right away, after seriously studying her for a few seconds to figure out what was wrong with her.

But I had noticed, even when he became more and more playful, he never jumped up on anything, not the toilet lid or the side of the tub, or climbed the cat tree, not until late this week. Now he jumps up on the toilet lid when I prepare his food all the time. When he finally seemed comfortable with those heights he still would not go in the tub—he’d look in, then turn around and jump down. Now he’s in there all the time and keeps his toys busy.

He jumps up on my lap now too, and though he doesn’t stay he’s happy for the few seconds he’s there. Every now and then I pick him up and kiss him, then put him right back down, a big difference from last week when if I reached down for him he’d duck and run for cover.

And he still can’t wait to meet the ninjas!

. . . . . . .

Don’t Encourage Her, 2013
Are you kidding?! She's all mine!
Are you kidding?! She’s all mine!
“Don’t encourage her, Sunshine. We won’t get to eat until midnight if she really starts taking pictures of us.”
“Are you kidding, bro? She’s all mine! All I have to do is tilt my head and she gets weak in the knees!”

The boys were being extra cute in the sun on the stairs today. Yes, I spent a lot of time taking their photos, and you’ll be seeing others from this photo shoot as time goes on. In fact, it was really difficult to decide which one to use, especially when Bean joined them. The three boys together, yes I do get a little weak in the knees, and I also want to get a good angle for the next photo!

The other choice of quote for this was Giuseppe: “That fool is no relative of mine.”

And might I point out…the glowing reddish string hanging out of Mr. Sunshine’s mouth? Yep, that’s one of mine. Guess it’s only fair when I probably eat tons of cat hair all the time. Really, when I see them like this, I gently pull them out; my hair is pretty coarse and I want to be careful in any measure. And there’s one on the toy in the foreground too…Friday, time to clean!

. . . . . . .

Above All That, 2012
black cat on wooden shelf
Mewsette in her own little corner on her own little shelf…

Mewsette is happy on her shelf near the ceiling above the landing at the top of the stairs, possibly the highest point in the house for any cat to achieve without getting into the attic. She stayed up there all day, occasionally calling me to come up and join her. I was touched, but feared for the integrity of the shelf should I actually be able to get onto it.

She’s done a pretty good job keeping the cobwebs under control too.

This was just too funny one of the times I came to the top of the steps and looked up.

black cat toes on wooden shelf

. . . . . . .

A Pile of Cats, 2009 and 2011…and then some
Four on the Bed.
Four on the Bed.

Above, from 2009

How many cats are in this photo? It’s the Fantastic Four, all heaped together on the first cool day of late summer/early autumn, upstairs on the bed where the sun creeps in during the afternoon. Mimi’s children are two now, but still play, sleep and bathe together as they did when they were kittens.

They were two years old! From the left, Mewsette, Giuseppe, Mr. Sunshine and Jelly Bean.

Below, from 2011

 A Pile of Cats
A Pile of Cats

If anybody doubted that all five black cats truly pile up on my desk for most of the afternoon while I’m working, here is proof.

Of course, this is after the tortie girls had my lap, desk and keyboard all morning. Mimi joins the senior girls as well, not to be left out of any opportunity, so she spends most of every day at my desk. I told her she needed to learn some job skills if she’s going to spend the morning sitting on my wrist and the afternoon sitting on her children.

I’m sure they all like me and enjoy spending time with me but I know their dedication to my desk has to do with the “kitty keep-warm lamps”. During the summer I don’t use the task lights very often because the room is generally bright enough, and the lights are just too darned hot. As the air cools and the sun drops down lower in the sky, my office is suddenly darker with all the trees outside. From then I turn the lights on, and if I ever needed a passive cat-herding apparatus it would be these lights. I have actually set up lights elsewhere just to see what happens, like the famous library photos, and they are immediately popular, gathering cats like moths under the porch light.

From the left, in the front, they are Jelly Bean, Mewsette, Giuseppe and Mr. Sunshine. Mimi came in later, walked on them all touching up ears and foreheads with little mom-baths, then settled down on top of Mewsette and Giuseppe. Jelly Bean initially tried to curl up along the front edge, but kept sliding off onto my keyboard.

Is there something about September 6 that makes them want to cuddle? The two photos above were daily photos I’d actually posted, but many days I choose a daily photo but have other photos of what they’re all up to. I decided to check September 6 in 2010…

From 2010?

four black cats on bed
Four Cats Prepare for a Nap

Not quite the same day—this is from September 5 but it’s close enough as the Four prepare for an afternoon nap on my bed. Clockwise, from bottom left: Jelly Bean, Giuseppe, Mr. Sunshine and Mewsette.

And what about 2008?

From 2008

four black cats on desk
Four Cats On Desk.

Well, this is September 7. They were one year old! You can see I was using my cardboard feline containment units wisely. From the left, Giuseppe, Mewsette, Jelly Bean and Mr. Sunshine.

And in 2012? I was working all over the house today, so they all shared the duties of following me for supervisory services, and only had the chance to pile up in pairs here and there. They must be exhausted after a day’s work!

I had also noticed in recent years that, while Mimi socialized with them and bathed them, she really didn’t cuddle with them on a regular basis until last year, when they were four. I guess she had to take some time to figure out her role, but now she’s pretty much a buddy, though she still has momcat power.

. . . . . . .

Friday Night Dance, 2014
posterized photo of black cat
Jelly Bean enjoys his Friday dance.

Jelly Bean celebrates the end of the week in disco style, man, if you can point, you can dance, and Bean has the moves. For a short week, it’s been a long week, and we are feeling a little silly. A little posterizing filter makes everything feel groovy.

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    haza open houz, itz success full ‼️

    • We love those blankets! No, as far as the boys and Mimi are concerned I should just shut up about inside. Weather is not looking good for an outdoor event, but we’ll see.

  • I really enjoyed your presentation at the CWA Conference. It’s always so inspiring to learn each others’ back stories. Thank you!

    • Thanks! I felt it was pretty scattered but I’m so happy to have finally been able to present this to CWA.


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