Daily Photo: Studio Cats on a Cold Night

two black cats in boxes
Smokie has a box and so does Mewsette.

Smokie has stuffed himself and all his hair into a small shipping box. Mewsette is in her box observing and giving the little man some direction in how to interpret cardboard as he had begun to bite the edge of the flap in all seriousness. He may just be teething, or he may actually have potential, we’re just not sure.

The temperatures have been dropping all day long, and tonight between the wind and wet it’s just bitter out there, and everyone but Bella is in the studio with me. I don’t get cold easily but I had to close the blind in my studio because the wind was seeping in the window—too bad, I was enjoying watching the occasional snowflakes, first of the season, fly around in the light just outside my window.

Below, when  it’s cold, there’s always a brother to use as a pillow, and the heater vent. Jelly Bean, Giuseppe and Mr. Sunshine cuddle together in the warm spot behind the door.

three black cats on floor
The boys are on the floor under the heater vent.

Mimi has my lap all to herself, nice because she keeps my legs warm as I keep her warm.

black cat on lap
Mimi has my lap.

Bella is the only one not in the studio, but that’s because she has discovered the wool afghan and naps on it multiple times a day.

black cat on afghan
Bella has the wool afghan all to herself.

Winter cold is one thing for use, quite another for animals who don’t have much control over their environment. Seeing the polar vortex was on its way I published an article including information and tips for caring for pets in cold weather.

. . . . . . .

What other photos did I post on or around this date?

I’ve missed a few days, so there are a few here! Between my out-of-control schedule lately, and my internet connection having issues, even on my in-house wifi, I’ve got so many drafts and partial posts I can’t keep track of them all!


Clean Up This Yard!, 2013

black cat in snow
“You really need to clean up this yard!

Mimi apparently got over her little bout of fear brought on by the weather the other day, but she clearly let me know she does not like snow and that I should get about removing it.

black cat on snowy deck
Mimi heads back toward the door.

We went outside to feed the birds and fill the birdbaths this morning, and after a quick sniff at a few things on the deck Mimi headed for the steps and her happy run out into the back yard. Just as quickly she was headed back for the door. I ignored this, knowing she’d get accustomed to the cold and snow.

black cat on steps.
“Are you going to finish cleaning?”

I proceeded as planned, down to the yard, sweeping off the steps as I went, heading for another bird bath. Mimi followed me down the steps but would not step off. Then she followed me, stepping in my footprints.

black cat in snow.
Actually, Mimi was quite relaxed about it all.

Her paws adjusted to the snow quickly and she followed her own pattern of going off to explore, then returning to me to walk under my skirt then rub against my legs, stopping to stand with one front paw lifted. I can see Mimi and I have a long winter ahead of us.

black cat in snow
“You really need to clean up this yard!

Mimi apparently got over her little bout of fear brought on by the weather the other day, but she clearly let me know she does not like snow and that I should get about removing it.

. . . . . . .

Wordless Wednesday: This Box Is Occupied
two black cats in box
“This box is occupied by Jelly Bean and me. It is not available for use,” said Mewsette.

. . . . . . .

Sleepy Supervisor, 2013
black cat on boxes
Jelly Bean sits on the stacked boxes.

My sleepy supervisor takes the opportunity for a nap while I pack a few orders and organize my boxes and bins.

Jelly Bean was my supervisor all day today, and I was a little surprised since he’s usually far too sleepy for a whole day’s work. Like a little Hobbit or one of Snow White’s dwarves (who really were hobbits anyway, right?) he always put in a request for second breakfast at least (he does not get this, despite his shape) and later rolls himself up in a perfect hemisphere of black fur for a deep, deep nap.

After following me around the house from the basement to the studio—this is required for whichever feline has the responsibility for supervising me for the day—he’s taking the opportunity to catch a little Bean-style nap wherein he wraps his tail around whatever he’s sitting on to anchor him should he fall into a deeper sleep and risk falling off his pedestal.

Really, he doesn’t want his picture taken either, he closed his eyes rather quickly…and I have a hard time not squeezing his round Buddha shape.

. . . . . . .

Supplies, 2013
two black cats in box
My supplies have arrived.

My supplies for my weekend projects have arrived: two neatly-folded black cats in a box! I’m looking forward to a creative weekend ahead. I hope Mewsette and Jelly Bean wake up in time.

. . . . . . .

Black Cat Camouflage, 2013
black cat in garden
Can you find Mimi in this photo?

Can you find Mimi in this photo? Who would think a black cat could be so easily camouflaged in a green and yellow and orange landscape! Mimi and I enjoyed our sunny morning out in the back yard.

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