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Daily Photo: Someone Here is Innocent

two cats on shelves
Someone here is innocent.

Someone in this photo is innocent and the other one is a likely perpetrator. Can you guess which one is which?

I had to laugh. Mariposa is so pleased with herself getting up on the shelves and she always has a thoroughly innocent expression on her face when she’s doing something she feels might not be acceptable. Hamlet often looks like he’s expecting someone to get him from some angle, especially when Mariposa’s around.


From Instagram

Supurrvisor sleeps with one eye open.

From a perch high atop the cat tree the mighty hunter spies an unsuspecting squirrel. Lucky squirrel there’s a window in between.

Maybe this will get her attention.

Since he couldn’t get the squirrel. Morty is doing well.


From the Garden and Beyond

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From around this date in past years

Hurry Up, I Need My Beauty Sleep, 2022

tabby and white cat with long whiskers
Hurry up, I need my beauty sleep.

Mariposa has been napping in one of the sleeping baskets on my desk, and is adorable as she can be. Her whiskers were just everywhere when I called to her to look at me, causing the first photo, above.

Well, of course I wouldn’t want to deprive my sweet lil bunny of her beauty sleep! I let her relax and drift off, but there were those whiskers again, and I couldn’t help myself, I just had to capture that fluffy softness and all those whiskers around that sweet tabby sleep, drifting off to sleep.

tabby and white cat with long whiskers
Couldn’t stay awake any longer.


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None until tomorrow!


From the Garden and Beyond

From One Pattern Many

All this wonderful sunshine we’ve been having is touching things that haven’t been illuminated since last year.

From one pattern many.



From around this date in past years

Bella’s Imitation Outdoors, 2021

black cat with green leaves
Bella in greens.

Bella is the purrfect meowdel when it comes to sun and leafy things! Look at that precious face!

The angle of the sun is finally coming around to the dining room window. Kitties find it in the late afternoon and enjoy the warmth, as I get to enjoy, and share, their loveliness. So Bella is looking up!

black cat with green leaves
Bella looking up.

There’s an asparagus fern up there. But there are luscious leaves down here. Bella and everyone else have tried the geranium leaves. They are okay in a pinch, but are really not a favorite. For that, I’m glad! And now I can plant some cat grass that will finally get enough sun.

black cat with green leaves
Bella looking at leaves.


From Instagram

March 9: That darned Mimi! She chased our buddy Ebby, one of our friendly community cats who thinks he belongs in the house of black cats, out of our back yard and clear across the street!

In this first photo, you see three cats, but not all of them actually live here. As I was hanging out my laundry, Mewsette and Mimi came with me. Mewsette had her harness and leash, but I had forgotten to put Mimi’s on her. As I walked around to put it on her, I saw, to my surprise, another black cat on the steps! He’s watching me.

black cats in yard
Three black cats.

That cat is Ebby, who I’ve featured here before. He’s one of our more friendly community cats who we recently neutered and vaccinated and are actually looking for a home for him. He shows up here almost daily, as if this is the house with all the black cats and one of these days I’ll realize he actually belongs here.

black cats in yard
Mewsette and Mimi see Ebby, no big deal.

Usually when Mimi and I come outside he’ll take off or keep a distance. Today, I guess he decided he’d try his luck at making friends. Mewsette looked up and saw him and wasn’t particularly concerned, then Mimi looked up and saw him, and decided to say hello. I wasn’t thrilled with the idea of 6 lb. 17-year-old Mimi mixing it up with a husky young male three times her size and moved faster.

black cats in yard
Mimi decides to say hello.

All went well until apparently he didn’t understand he needed to move for her majesty to pass. Mimi then puffed up and hissed and he backed up, then fell backward off the edge of the step. I didn’t get a picture of that, because I went after Mimi.

black cats in yard
Oops, he fell off the step. Mewsette is a little frightened.

He ran under the deck with Mimi chasing him, then out the side and out to the street running for his life. Mimi followed him to the sidewalk, then stopped. She was pretty pleased with herself. I don’t think we’ll try that again though. Nor will I forget her harness again! Mimi was unimpressed with my concern.

black cats in yard
Mimi returns from chasing him into the street, in the front of the house.

Mariposa says, “Way to go, Mimi!” Mariposa is the most concerned family member when Ebby comes to visit.

two cats at window
Way to go, girlfriend!

Birds singing, breeze blowing, sun shining, dishtowels drying on the line, feels like spring to me. Let me know how sharing these Instagram videos works for you. I love to add little videos to my YouTube account, but this saves me some time.



From around this date in past years

Kitchen Cat, 2020

black cat in kitchen
Bella getting ready for a day in the kitchen.

Saturday morning kitchen, getting ready to set a pot of vegetable bean chili to simmer, and soak the henna for my hair treatment. Bella wants to know why I never make anything she likes. This was not arranged, I randomly set things on the cabinet and Bella came to sit behind them. She has such a sense of composition.

It’s been a busy few days, and I really needed to stop and clean my house and do some serious cooking. How could I expect to get anything done without a serious supurrvisorcat? I never get caught up, but at least I’m in better shape now as I prepare for a month of vendor events (COVID-19 permitting).

Here are a few photos from last week and over the weekend.

Mimi in a mirror in a mirror. I took a photo of her reflection(s) in the mirror on my bathroom door, dancing in the sun.

black cat in mirror
Mimi in a mirror in a mirror.

Chessy and Missy, two of my neighbor’s #eartipped #communitycats , enjoy the sun on a warmish day. They see me fairly frequently and finally Missy decided I’m not going to try to kill her (really, cats worry about that all the time, especially community cats), but she was leery until Chessy told her to chill. They kept an eye on me, though. I missed a good photo of the gray tabby sitting on the corner of the wall; my camera wouldn’t focus in time, darn it.

Some pretty things Mimi and I found out in the yard.

I’ll have more updates in coming days as I catch up, once again!

Photos from around this date in previous years

Sleepy Studio Cats, 2019

Sleepy studio cats, Sunshine and Bella.
Sleepy studio cats, Sunshine and Bella.

Sunshine can often be found with Bella twined around him somehow. They snuggle, and Bella always has interesting sleeping positions, including dangling a limb off a nearby edge. Lately the blanket I keep on my work table for sleeping cats to attract—I’ll just be honest here—to trap sleepy kitties and their errant furs in a spot that works for me. One of the reasons this spot works for me is that I can reach out and pet them at any time, and I can easily take their photo…and it keeps them from sleeping in my project boxes where I have upcoming things sorted out. I love when they come up and share my studio.

Bella awoke and asked me if I really needed to make all that noise. Well, I guess not.

Do you really need to make that noise with your camera.
Do you really need to make that noise with your camera.

Mariposa is feeling better!

Mariposa at the clinic, being a very good girl.
Mariposa at the clinic, being a very good girl.

You didn’t know she was feeling bad, right? Well, last night she had one of those unexpected but brief kitty things and needed some treatment. After dinner she vomited up all her food. She eats fast and sometimes she eats too much, despite my efforts to slow her down, and she’d been playing hard all day. She’s never vomited, but I wouldn’t be surprised if she did one day. However, when she vomited up liquid a short while later I put her in the bathroom for observation. Then she was vomiting a little bit of fluid every half hour or so.

Thank goodness I can rely on Pittsburgh C.A.T. to provide veterinary care for my fosters, even late at night, after midnight. I drove to our clinic in Tarentum to meet with Lindsay, our vet tech, who examined her and fixed her up with fluids and some medications, and all went well, which was not the case the last time Mariposa met with Lindsay, and it’s a testament to how Mariposa has socialized. When I took her for her foster check a few days after she arrived here, I could barely get her in a carrier, she was near an angry cat who growled and while she was already defensive that really set her off, no doubt remembering her days in the feral colony. Lindsay couldn’t even begin her exam, Mariposa bit Margo, who was helping Lindsay, then little Mariposa ended up across the room in a corner scowling and growling, but Lindsay managed to get a dose of gabapentin into her so the exam and vaccines and microchipping could continue.

This time I put Mariposa right into her carrier, we took her right out when we got there, Lindsay lifted and turned and palpated, opened her mouth and pulled out her tongue, then set Mariposa down and put a needle for fluids into her skin above her shoulder blades. Mariposa looked a little uncertain, as you see, but she stayed put and didn’t give anyone a fight. She was a model kitty.

Mariposa came home with me after that. She escaped the bathroom when we came home and ran to her favorite fountain to have a long drink of her favorite water. Then I carried her back upstairs and watched her relax in the warmth, absorbing her fluids while I soaked in the tub.

This morning she was ready for action. There was one spot of liquid vomit on the floor, but that was all, and the medication would not have taken effect yet. She has eaten mild digestive food and had water and her meds. We are only waiting for her to make a deposit in the litterbox before she can have her freedom.

Earlier yesterday Giuseppe had some loose stool, which is not like him, and I’d noticed he was kind of growly in the belly, so it might all be a little virus going around. I do my best to be careful when managing stray and feral cats, but it’s likely something that came from one of them in the past few days.


From Facebook

Lots of floof and toe beans and big purr, I am too distracted to work with a happy Basil on my lap.

Basil on my lap.
Basil on my lap.


Photos from years past.


Ready for Spring, 2018

Mimi, the daffodils and me.
Mimi, the daffodils and me.

The daffodils and Mimi and I are all ready for spring.

We had a nice visit to the back yard on a sunny afternoon. The weather has been very March-like, undecided, suddenly very cold, with unexpected snow, then a mild day. The daffodils are making the best of the good times. I can’t wait until they bloom. Mimi can’t wait until I turn my back so she can run into the neighbor’s yard. I am grateful she has been feeling very good lately. Adequate flea medications, regular raw and cooked foods as well as some canned, and Dr. Michelle’s care have done wonders. Visits to the outdoors are also essential to keep us both grounded. We’ll both be glad when we are hanging out laundry again!


Other Daily Photos From This Date

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Morning Thoughts, 2013
black cat with shadow
Giuseppe contemplates his shadow, the long shadows on the door and other important things in morning sun.

. . . . . . .

Two Curious Cats, One Brave Stinkbug, 2013
two black cats with stinkbug
The stinkbug makes his point.

. . . . . . .

Mimi in Green, 2012
black cat with green leaves
Mimi enjoys a sunbath among the geranium leaves.

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