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Daily Photo: Seven Black Cats in Four Square Feet

seven black cats on the cabinet
All seven on the cabinet!

Looks like I may need a bigger cabinet!I finally got all seven of them up there at once—they do this at least once a day, but one jumps down or is completely hidden or the photo is just too blurry and the most I’ve posted on the cabinet so far is six.

I’m not even preparing their dinner yet and they’ve all gathered up there, milling around. As you can imagine, it’s difficult to get a good photo of this—along with the everyday challenges of photographing black cats even in good light when they are holding still. Also, if I talk to them, they jump down and come over to me! So I need to keep a camera near and at the ready, keep an eye on them as they arrange themselves without looking at them, then quickly turn around, point and photograph before they jump down and come over to me—or simply jump down because it’s pretty crowded up there!

I did try to get them all looking at me, but that was when they jumped down.

Clockwise, starting from the lower left corner:

  • Mewsette has all four paws balanced on the very corner of the cabinet
  • next to her is Smokie, but you can only see his ears here
  • Mimi is on the back left corner of the cabinet
  • next to her and facing away is Bella
  • at the other corner and facing in is Jelly Bean
  • crouched at the front right corner about to jump down is Giuseppe
  • and in the middle front with the very direct expression is Mr. Sunshine

And in the next second three of them were on the floor and one on the table, and it was all over for the moment.

. . . . . . .

What other photos did I post on or around this date?



Wordless Wednesday: It’s a Cat’s Life
two black cats with books
“It’s a Cat’s Life.”

. . . . . . .

It’s Right There! 2013
black cat watching wren
It’s just Bean’s luck—there’s a window!

But there’s a window in the way! While we were visiting Emeraude in the bathroom today…well, I was visiting Emmie while Bean was conspiring to somehow get at least a taste of her food, and purring very nicely all the while. We both heard something tapping outside the window and while Bean leaped up to the windowsill I pulled myself up to see a wren on the windowsill with a real prize—a black oil sunflower seed! She rapped it against the windowsill and eventually it popped open so she could quickly gobble sunflower heart inside. Off she flew to get another, probably without knowing that one black cat and one human were intently watching, albeit for different purposes.

. . . . . . .

Civil Disobedience, 2013
five black cats
Mr. Sunshine gives me the knowing expression as Mewsette hurries in for the civil action.

When five black cats won’t look at you but sit like statues on Easter Island, you know it’s time for dinner.

Sometimes I work on the computer in the kitchen, which in feline experience means I pay a lot of attention to it, or at least the keyboard and mouse. I barely notice when, one by one, they gather close around—above, Mewsette is late, and hurries to join the group.

Then everyone turns their back on me.

five black cats.
They all turn their backs on me. Mimi is the last to quickly turn her head.

And keeps turning as I move around.

five black cats
They continue turning.

Well, it really was just about dinner time.

. . . . . . .

Someone Drank the Coffee, 2012
black cat with cup of coffee
Mewsette needs a little more coffee.

Mewsette was a little perturbed that there was no coffee left in my coffee mug. She had a few sips, but while she had a bath I drank the rest. Well, it was mine!

But Cookie had taught her about sharing my coffee while I worked in the studio, as seen below from last year…

cat drinking coffee
Cookie demonstrates how to drink my coffee.

. . . . . . .

Four Faces, 2011
four black cat faces
Four Faces, poster edges.

The Fantastic Four are constantly arranging themselves into abstract, inspiring, cute, noble and confusing configurations. I should be accustomed to it by now, but I can watch them all day sleeping in a pile on the floor behind me (on top of the extra-large canvas shopping bag that had been Mr. Sunshine’s mancatcave, as every feline heap must have a good base and reason for collecting) as they settle, and settle, and settle again, then all get up and stretch and bathe each other and resettle.

It’s difficult to photograph four black cats and get enough details in a photo like this that a viewer can understand it on a computer screen, even using a flash which can’t get a reading for how to set itself. Sometimes my poor camera, trying to find something to focus on in all that black fur, beeps repeatedly in total visual confusion telling me, “I just don’t see anything but black!!”

Above I adjusted the contrast in the image and dramatically lightened it overall, then applied a modified poster edges filter. Below is the original photo in pretty much the original values, lightened just a little.

four black cat faces
Four Faces, original photo.

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2 thoughts on “Daily Photo: Seven Black Cats in Four Square Feet

  • Seven cats on one tiny counter is quite a feat 🙂
    We also like the one with Mr Sunshine looking at the camera
    and every other cat looking away or moving 🙂

    Purrs Georgia and Julie,
    Treasure and JJ

    • It quite is, Georgia and Julie, but they don’t seem to think it’s at all unusual.


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