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Daily Photo Reprise: Sweet Dreams, and a…Tomato for Your Pillow, 2011

tortoiseshell cat sleeping on tomatoes
A Tomato for Your Pillow

When a kitty is really tired, anything will do for a bed and pillow.

tortoiseshell cat sleeping on tomatoes
Tomatoes are a kitty’s best friend.

I was kidding Cookie about perhaps having had a little ” ‘nip” and being, um, a little out of sorts. She sat up, washed her face and had a drink of water, but later she was sleeping there again. Must be tomatoes aren’t such a strange pillow after all.

tortoiseshell cat sleeping on tomatoes
A really deep nap.

. . . . . . .

June In the Kitchen With Cookie

Tomatoes probably make a nice pillow for a kitty! It may be halfway through the year, but you can still use the dozen recipes Cookie and I worked out through the years, most of them based on what we have grown in the garden over the years. The recipes are “simple”, meaning they are easy to make and are open to improvisation, just the way I like to cook. The recipes range from fruit crisp to a pasta dinner, and using vegan ingredients in place of dairy or eggs in just about any recipe will work as well. And you can still use the calendar as well, not to mention laugh at Cookie’s antics!


My favorite way to eat a tomato fresh from the garden is just to eat it, like an apple, but a tomato tart can be a small meal on its own or a full meal with a salad on the side, and the leftovers don’t get soggy because there aren’t any.

Line a baking dish about the size of a cereal bowl with pie crust (refrigerator kind is fine for this), layer a slice of mozzarella cheese, 1/4-inch slices of tomato to cover, sprinkle with salt and a few basil leaves. Another slice of cheese, tomatoes, salt and basil, top with another slice of cheese. Bake at 3750 for 15 to 18 minutes until cheese is bubbly.

Here’s the two-page spread for June:

cat calendar
The two-page spread for June “In the Kitchen With Cookie”

image of cat calendars
2013 desk and journal calendars!

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and “Compositions in Black and Green”

Click the image of the calendars to go to my “calendars” page to read more about each one including what photos are featured on each page and, for In the Kitchen With Cookie, which recipe is featured. I’ve provided a book-flip slideshow so you can browse the pages too.

Both calendars are $5.00 each plus shipping. I’d love to know my cats were in your home! Well, virtually, at least!

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2 thoughts on “Daily Photo Reprise: Sweet Dreams, and a…Tomato for Your Pillow, 2011

  • TW’s family owned a house and grew tomatoes every year. I don’t think any of their cats ever slept on them; in fact, I thought tomatues was tonix to cats. Store bought tomatoes aren’t the same. They all taste like plastic TW says. She wishes she could buy a nice ripe red tomato cos she likes grilled cheese and tomato sandwiches. Have a nice weekend. Werd.

    • CK, our human is still trying to get back to the land in our back yard, seems she never got the farm she wanted. We’re kind of glad for that, she doesn’t sit still enough for us already, but she whines when she can’t get her veggies. She says tomatoes, peppers, eggplants and potatoes are all in the nightshade family–night is dark after all–but the alkaloids that make the plants toxic are in the plant and not the fruit, and a few of us like tomatoes and potatoes, so we are glad, but eggplants are icky and pepper spit at us when they are cut open. We miss our sister Cookie, who did lots of things to make our human laugh, and we took care of her up to her last minute. Tell your human she is more than welcome to visit to get a real tomato and our human will make grilled cheese and ‘matey sandwiches and we can walk all over you. Stay cool!


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