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Daily Photo: My Little Diva

black cat
“You love me. You know it.”

My little diva is well aware of her perfect beauty. And of how completely she can manipulate me with just a look.

But as Mimi and I were going about our business today and having fun with photos and working in the garden—I apparently need to be encouraged with head butts and face rubs even in the garden, do you know how cat hair sticks to sweaty hands and arms?—I remembered, especially, Cookie, who spent the longest time outdoors with me, and suddenly realized how lonely I’d be if Mimi hadn’t happily filled that role, when I’m working away and feel warm fur press against my leg, not a word needs to be said. I love my garden, but I wondered how devoted I’d be without a supervising feline. Mimi was a little surprised when I picked her up and hugged her and smooched all over her face, getting more cat hair stuck to me in the process, but what’s a little more cat hair, and mild-mannered Mimi always lets me have my way, but she purred about it. This is not the first time I’ve done this.

From a little wandering street cat and rescued mother of six litters of kittens to the Queen of My Heart, Mimi has really come quite a way in her life.

And of black cats, who could look at this face and not want to see an ebony beauty just like Mimi each and every day, with those lemon slice eyes?

The display of beauty continues. Mimi apparently wanted me to take this photo

black cat in grass
“Look how graceful I am.”

. . . . . . .

Adopt your ebony diva during Adopt a Cat Month. Unfortunately, there are always plenty of black cats in shelters at any time.

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13 thoughts on “Daily Photo: My Little Diva

  • I have had her photos open on the computer since you posted on Saturday. I feel as if I know the cat in those eyes.

    • Harry, her look is timeless and steals my heart, if not my soul. Years ago when Mimi ran around the streets I was sure she’d never survive. When she came here I was completely drawn to her and had an idea Mimi would come to mean as much to me as she does, but I never knew she would be so pleased to have me as her human. The whole story, it’s all there, in her eyes.

  • da tabbies o trout towne

    my stars mimi, your pictures are FABulous !! and I am like sooooooooo jealous….eyes the colors of emeralds
    ……totally chic !!! ~~~~~~~~ hugs girl from dai$y =^..*=

  • Mimi is a darling 🙂
    Purrfect too 🙂
    Tillie is my Diva(though Julie is fighting to be a Diva too) heehee

    • Of course she is, and Julie needs to have some patience!

      Is Tillie’s box still around? I’m looking forward to seeing her in it again!

  • I wouldn’t dare say (aloud) that her sons Angus and Donal are “beautiful” (but they are). Thank you so much for rescuing them with Charlotte and Lucy, and for taking in Mimi and the Fabulous Four.

    • Amby, without a beautiful mom, we would have no beautiful children, and there is only one diva…

  • Mimi is quite the looker. I might have to offer to plight my troth!!

    Kind regards
    Austin 😉

    • “I am quite flattered and thank you most kindly, I am sure you are a kind gentleman and perhaps European mancats are different from American mancats, but I must tell you I am quite finished with your gender for a time. Perhaps we can be pen pals.”

      Certainly, Austin, we can’t blame her, but don’t hesitate to give more compliments (hint 😉 ).

  • OMG, she’s going to be insufferable after all this praise!


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