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Daily Photo Reprise: Mysterious Kelly, 2011

tortoiseshell cat looking around corner
Mysterious Kelly

Yes, this is the photo I came to identify with A Little Bit About Kelly, little Kelly’s rescue story. Though I took the photo in 2011, Kelly is ageless in her petite stature, her tortoiseshell coat, her slightly uncertain expression, and she peeked around this wall at me for years. I never thought I’d catch it, but after many tries I did.

She certainly looks mysterious in all that dappled sunlight as she peers around the corner at me.

Kelly used to be very shy and frightened of strangers, but she’s taken up this spot very near the entrance door where she can greet people. She’s very talkative, and while guests are admiring all those congenial black cats and Mistress Cookie, Kelly lets them know she is waiting. She stretches one sweet little paw way out in greeting and purrs so nicely, then does her graceful little dance routine ending with lots of face rubs on the visitor, who would be interested in any common black cats with such a precious tortoiseshell kitty right there?

It’s a joy to see Kelly, in her senior years, finally comfortable in life with humans and enjoying guests instead of always being cautious and hiding from strangers. She wasn’t feral but a stray cat trapped with a feral colony, and was so fearful in her cage at the shelter that she was to be euthanized because no one would adopt her and the shelter needed the space, though she was adopted at the last minute. I can’t imagine the details of her early life living in an abandoned building, though I’m sure it was traumatic for such a sensitive soul. When she came here it was weeks before I saw anything but big fearful eyes under the table in the spare kitty room. Step by step over the years she has become more relaxed and trusting. Kelly is 17.

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Inspired by felines you know! Visit Portraits of Animals on Etsy.
Inspired by felines you know! Visit Portraits of Animals on Etsy!


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6 thoughts on “Daily Photo Reprise: Mysterious Kelly, 2011

  • Kelly was a beauty, and I’m so glad you were finally able to see her true personality shine through. We had a tabby named Crispy who was originally adopted by my older brother, then passed to my younger brother, then passed to my sister. By the time we got her, she was so traumatized she would come out of her room for months! But eventually she learned that she had found her forever home, and we were rewarded by seeing her sweet (and sometimes feisty) personality.

    • Vicki, I remember you mentioning Crispy, and she does remind me so much of Kelly, having been through so much and so shy. I’m just so glad I finally earned Kelly’s trust, and that we had so many years together.

  • That is lovely. It makes me want to stick my nose in her fur!!

    • Carolyn, I just wanted to run up to her and hug and kiss her, but that made Kelly very nervous–it was so hard to keep myself under control!

      • LOL I DO know what you mean. Austin does this “hug me if you dare” look which is irresistible!

        • Cookie was the one who dared me–affectionate and friendly as she was she always hated hugs. I always figured it was because lots of neighbor kids carried her around when she was a kitten, and they weren’t too skilled at it. Kelly, though, was frightened by hugs, and only when she was feeling good and secure could I put both hand son her for a few seconds or possibly even pick her up before she realized what was happening to her.


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