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Daily Photo Reprise: Kennedy Owns the Room

black cat
Kennedy says, “This is my room.”

Kennedy joined our household as a hospice foster on June 16, 2014, so he’d been with us for about two weeks by the time I posted these photos. He’d had his mandatory two weeks in quarantine, but was safe to start an introduction to the household. They were ready to welcome their new brother.

. . . . . . .

Kennedy has been doing very well, no seizures at all, good appetite for the most part, very affectionate and very happy with his own room. We had some high temperatures last week and I don’t have air conditioning, so I did my best to keep his room cool with the blind pulled down and a fan in the window. Older cats, and cats in compromised health, can’t always regulate their body temperature well and he could easily become overheated and even slip into heat stroke. He was a little lethargic and didn’t eat as much as usual, but once the temperatures dropped he eased back up to normal. He loves his water but is very sensitive to its being stale and at room temperature so I pulled out the fountain I had for Lakota and Emeraude and set it up for him and he has a nice drink several times each day.

I had given him toys at the beginning, but they only seemed to confuse him and aside from stumbling over them he just ignored them. I decided it was time to try them again. I had a brand new toy that can be refilled with catnip, so I let him sniff the ‘nip before I filled the toy. He seemed interested, and while he rubs his face on everything in the room all the time, the pace quickened every time he sniffed.


Then I tickled his nose and ears with the toy and let him sniff and rub his face on it. He sniffed and rubbed on it, then walked away and didn’t show any more interest. I kept it in there, and tossed it in his bed, just to have it there. No other toys were of any interest either. He wants love!

black cat
Catnip toy!

When I fed him it attracted quite a crowd. I looked out the door over the baby gate…

four black cats
What they look like from inside.

I stepped out to get something and they didn’t move. I guess they decided it was a better idea to just wait and see if they’d get anything! Each of the Four have hopped over the gate to see if they can eat his food and if he’s sleeping and I don’t notice they actually get away with it, but if he’s awake he’s ready to come after them to swat them back out!

four black cats
A little envious?

He sits at the baby gate and waits to see if anything is happening.

black cat
Kennedy sits at the gate to look out the door.

Mr. Sunshine and Jelly Bean look at his food and try to decide what they should do (like “Two Great Minds”).

two black cats
It’s right there.

Kennedy has an answer for that—he comes over and pokes his paw through the mesh!

black cat
Pow! Right in the kisser!

He’s still a little stiff when he walks and sleeps most of the time, and I hear a little cough now and then that might be from the mass in his chest. But he’s really happy and shows no signs of giving up on life any point soon. I so enjoy visiting him with his face rubs and purrs, and he is so happy to eat it’s a joy to feed him.

. . . . . . .

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The Latest on Reality Show “Mousewatch” on Cat TV , 2013
two black cats on steps
Time for another exciting episode of “Mousewatch”!

Mewsette and Mr. Sunshine have settled in spots on the basement steps with the best view for another exciting evening program of Mousewatch.

Patience is a virtue that is rewarded for good black kitties. Mousewatch is a little more engrossing in the basement episodes because this is where the mice are stupid daring enough enter a house with multiple cats, very near where the main litterboxes have always been placed, directly under the steps. But some kitties need to wait for hours until finally a mousie quietly enters.

From several heavy rains lately we’ve had floods of water in the basement, and even when I sweep the puddles to the drain, under the discerning supervision of basement kitties, the floor still stays damp, as you can see on and around the basement doorstep. This means that the soil outside is still damp, and this encourages the mice to enter, though through what entries I can’t really find.

And I still wonder if these mice are being paid by the network to engage in high risk behaviors for the entertainment of feline audiences.

Read about the premiere episode of Mousewatch.

. . . . . . .

Hi, I’m Kelly and I’ll Be Your Studio Cat Today, 2012
tortoiseshell cat on windowsill
Hi, I’m Kelly and I’ll Be Your Studio Cat Today

[2012] Not much has changed from last year to this, including Kelly’s love of the windowsill. The room is still in some sort of chaos, but it’s creative chaos lately.

Kelly has always enjoyed this windowsill, but she doesn’t care at all for chaos which is pretty much what we’ve had in this room for the past two months as I rearrange, remodel and reorganize.

Back up to explore, Kelly approves of it so far, especially her spot on the windowsill. I love to have my cats near me while I work.

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. . . . . . .

A Delicate Profile, 2011
black cat profile
A Delicate Profile

Despite the fact that Mr. Sunshine is apparently the mancat around here, he has a lovely delicate profile, especially when his features and each whisker are gently highlighted by morning sun.

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Inspired by felines you know! Visit Portraits of Animals on Etsy.
Inspired by felines you know! Visit Portraits of Animals on Etsy!

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4 thoughts on “Daily Photo Reprise: Kennedy Owns the Room

  • bluemoonalone

    Dear sweet Kennedy..his time with you went much to quickly..I love having his picture here..Mousewatch is the favorite show here too on the occasion that one finds his way in..

  • I am glad he is doing so well and enjoying a love filled life now.

    • Oh, Pilch92, this is a reprise from last summer. Kennedy was with me from June to August. I rerun photos so those who’ve passed are not forgotten. I always call these “reprise” photos and indicate at the beginning they are from a previous year. You’ll be seeing a few more of Kennedy! I have his name linked to an archive of articles about him.


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