Wednesday, December 6, 2023
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Daily Photo: Premiere of Reality Show “Mousewatch” on Cat TV

black cat watching cabinet
“Don’t interrupt my show.”

Giuseppe has opened the cabinet door where mousies are known to visit and settles in for an evening program of “Mousewatch”.

This involved quietly being vigilant in one spot for hours punctuated by five or six seconds of extreme awareness.

Isn’t this what reality TV is all about?

Giuseppe really does open either both the cabinet doors or only one as you see here by standing up and pulling on the knobs at the top corners of the doors—often both at once, but in this case just one door will do; one of these days I’ll get a clear photo of him opening the doors, or even a video. Then he looks inside and listens, sometimes disappears inside to explore, then settles down outside the cabinet as you see here. He cannot be moved.

This cabinet is under the sink. The few cabinets I have in this kitchen are the old metal cabinets, and this sink cabinet is quite a production. The top sink area is one solid piece, which I like since it’s very easy to keep clean and automatically drains right into the sink. The bottom section is another story. From years of leaking faucets and drains there are patched rust holes here and there, and underneath that are patched holes in the old wood floor, which is where the mice come up from the basement—though I would swear up and down that I’d patched everything. Someday soon I’ll replace this thing, but my kitchen needs so much renovation, inlcuding replacing the entire floor, it’s probably still going to wait a while.

And I have to wonder about these mice. Are they being paid by the network to engage in high risk behaviors for the entertainment of feline audiences?

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Inspired by felines you know! Visit Portraits of Animals on Etsy!


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8 thoughts on “Daily Photo: Premiere of Reality Show “Mousewatch” on Cat TV

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  • Paulette Smith

    Our orange cat, Edward Weston, was known to sit for several hours on summer evenings in front of our dishwasher, waiting and watching for a cricket to wander in . He always left the legs on the floor — I guess they were too scratchy for his throat.

    • Paulette, they were for you!

      Hey, were you the Paulette Smith who commented on the Edward Weston post on Cultural Cats? You knew Edward Weston and adopted cats from him? I vaguely know his photography, nowhere near as well as I should, but had no idea he had any connection to cats. What incredible photos!

    • They were a way for you to keep score!

        • Sorry to create confusion, Bernadette. I was referring to the kitty Edward Weston leaving cricket legs behind as a way for Paulette to keep score.

          • Meg, I see! I sometimes see comments out of context, if they come in e-mail and I don’t get to see the post.

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