Daily Photo Reprise: I Get Clean With a Little Help From My Friend, 2011

two black cats bathing
“Here, let me clean behind your ear.”

(Since several of us have been quoting from vintage pop and rock songs lately…)

“Hold still, let me get this little spot behind your ear.”

All four of the siblings regularly bathe each other, as well as their mom giving them a little touch up now and then. It’s just a  sweet and spontaneous action, like saying hello.

But here Giuseppe holds Jelly Bean in place to help him keep up appearances. I’m sure JB is as clean as can be, but G just has to let him know how he feels.

Of course, as often as it’s appreciated and returned in kind, it’s also turned into a wrestling match. This time they just can’t decide. And I can’t decide if the photo below is love, logistics or laughter.

two black cats in hug
Are they having a sentimental moment, plotting something, or collapsing on each other with laughter?

Here’s the whole moment between the two—see if you can figure it out!

[portfolio_slideshow id=23353]

And you’ve seen plenty of those wrestling matches, as well as a few brotherly conversations, here on the Creative Cat! To read a little more you can click to “Brotherly Love” or read and watch the video below…

Jelly Bean was trying to quietly enjoy the last autumn afternoon by the window yesterday when Giuseppe came along and challenged him to a wrestling match. Typical of these two, it was half brotherly bath and all in fun.

I videotaped them over the course of a half hour in little clips and made another video with music; I eliminated the ambient sound from the video clips, but you can still hear some static and scratches behind the music. You can watch it below or click the link to watch it on YouTube, which might be easier if the slideshow makes the image jump around…

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Inspired by felines you know! Visit Portraits of Animals on Etsy.
Inspired by felines you know! Visit Portraits of Animals on Etsy!


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