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Daily Photo Reprise: Black Cat Keyboard Rest, Kitten Edition, 2015

two black kittens with keyboard
Black Cat Keyboard Rest, Kitten Edition

This concept is so popular I have to share it again! This was before Basil began using his forever name. And if you have no idea what the “Black Cat Keyboard Rest” is all about, there’s more information below.

Well, I guess their training is complete if Smokie and Bella can model the newly-released Kitten Edition of the Black Cat Keyboard Rest!

As one would guess when using kittens as the base for this unique addition to any office or home computer work station, the model is smaller, cuter, and uses a more compact keyboard to see more of the kittens. An option with the Kitten Model is a white keyboard to better distinguish the kittens from the keyboard—they tend to want to play if you try to type on their bellies!

two black kittens with keyboard
Another view.

As with the prior Two Black Cat model, two black kittens will sleep all day on your desk or countertop, raising your keyboard to a convenient height. They are strategically placed so that you can rest the heels of your hands on them, their warmth and vibrating purr giving your hands a constant massage. You won’t want to quit working!

Unlike the original Two Black Cat model, however, the kittens must sleep facing away from each other or they will begin to unexpectedly wrestle with each other. This model is not available as a Unicat Keyboard Rest because they just aren’t big enough, though we are working up a Uni-kitten model for small devices. And of course, these kittens will grow up into adult cats. An adult-size keyboard is optional to be included with the set, but a lifetime commitment is required with purchase, and there are no returns.

two black kittens with keyboard
View from above.
If you have no idea what I’m talking about, read Black Cat Keyboard Rest (below), Unicat Keyboard Rest, Black Cat Model and even possibly the Strange Doughnut-shaped Formation.
two black cats with keyboard
Top view of Black Cat Keyboard Rest.

Other daily photos shared on this date

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black cat sleeping on red slippers
My slippers are the perfect size for a Mimi nap.

Well, it was my own fault, I really should have known better—tossed my fuzzy slippers under the furnace vent to warm up and when I went to get them Mimi was acting as if she’d been sleeping on them for hours and had no intention of moving. But then, even if she’d only been there for minutes, seconds, she would have had no intention of moving. I guess she has the right to sleep wherever she pleases, and of course it’s just not right to move the cat.

But they were nice and toasty warm when I swiped them after she got up to go have a drink of water! Hey, she took advantage of me, turnabout is fair play! And then she decided to sleep on my lap, and that’s okay too, we both got our way.

. . . . . . .

2012: From the Archives, January Light
gray and white cat in sun
Namir in January morning sun.

This is one of the photos I mentioned in my post earlier today, “Darling Clementine”. Is Namir posing, or what? He had complete physical awareness. I am convinced he was a great stage actor in one of his incarnations. He certainly played the part here.

I will point out one thing to you—look at his neck, on the right side, in the white area. You see a square outline in his fur, and looking a little closer you will see that he is shaved there. Namir was the cat with hypertrophic cardiomyopathy (HCM) and who occasionally slipped into congestive heart failure (CHF). He saw a cardiologist once or twice a year and no matter the medications or treatments he also slipped into congestive heart failure once or twice a year, for the entire five years he lived after his first trip to the emergency clinic. He had apparently been in for a tune-up, either planned or emergency within the month previous to this photo. But Namir didn’t care that, because of his condition, his life could end suddenly in four or five different ways, none of them very pleasant. He made the best use of every moment, including striking a dramatic pose in morning sunlight. He knew exactly what he wanted this shot to look like.

He has his toys there, the sisal mouse and a milk bottle ring, and he is ready for his closeup, but as animals, and humans, do when they meet up with the relaxing effect of warm winter sun, a contemplative stillness falls, and perhaps a nap ensues, and I’d better hurry and get the shot.

Namir was so graceful and dignified and obviously knew how to strike a pose, even though he was a total goof and in another moment could be on his back with his legs impossibly twisted, or toss that mouse up in the air and do a back flip right after it. I love his pose, and also the little touches of home, my home, the canning jars, honey jar, oatmeal container; perhaps I only love it so much because it was one of those complete moments that we all experience now and then, where every familiar thing is in its place and all is warm and safe and filled with love.

Namir was 13 here. He lived every moment to its complete fullness until he was 15.

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2012: Act Normal

The whispered conversation in this post will explain the need to “act normal”.

photo of four black cats on the floor
The Curious Quartet were not waiting outside the bathroom door, they just happened to be there.

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