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Daily Photo Reprise: Art Papers, Cat Papers, Cardboards and Decoys

black cat on papers
Art papers.

On March 3 a few years ago, Mewsette looked a little chastened after I explained that certain papers were not really meant for kitties to sit on. Another March 3, last year, we had a similar discussion about cardboard—and you know the inspiration Mewsette finds in cardboard—and I gave the group something to do while I framed a few fragile images. It always reminds me that kitties can’t tell what is a toy and what is not if we have items that can be easily confused, and I certainly do! Mewsette explains…

I did not know those were “art papers”. I thought they were cat papers. I thought all papers were cat papers. But Mama Bernadette got very excited and made some very strange noises when I sat in the middle of a nice large piece of paper, big enough for me to stretch out and have a really good bath. She gets excited and makes very strange noises about other things we do, but these were not those noises.

She made me leave the paper and I thought she was going to move it, but then she did not and I got back on it and began to bathe again. She picked me up and put me on the other table, and every time I went to step up on the table she pointed her finger at me and said my name in a way that was not so nice.

Humans have many rules, and some of them are not fair. And I still cannot tell the difference between cat papers and art papers.

Cardboards, and more, 2013

black cat with mat board
Mewsette LOVES to scratch cardboard–but not my expensive mat board!

We all know that Mewsette is a very talented cardboard interpretation artist, and aside from her creative endeavors she always enjoys the feeling of cardboard between her toes and under her claws. I encourage this, and of course the sitting on papers is a famous feline habituation, but like the papers last year, it creates some confusion for kitties. When I’m working in my studio, I am careful to not only move all plastic items out of Mr. Sunshine’s chewing reach, but I also wrap up all cardboards that contain items I want to keep, and all mat boards that I use in framing, which was the subject today. And much as it was always fun, I never tickle their noses with my paintbrushes unless I want a well-chewed paintbrush at my table, and a pile of something nasty on the floor with polyester fibers mixed in. Likewise pencils, pastels, and little bits of hardware.

black cats with mat board
Using my mat board as a fort? NOT!!

So preparing for framing is truly fun and games! But with small hardwares and big pieces of glass, it can be dangerous. I lay out a few things and let them walk around, then set out a few things as a decoy. Like a ping pong ball in the tub.

three black cats looking into tub
I tossed a ping pong ball in the tub for them to play with.

And their very own piece of cardboard.

five black cats with cardboard
Everyone comes to investigate the rolled piece of corrugated board that wrapped a frame.

Mewsette was struck by the muse in a big way once she’d introduced herself to this fun toy, and in no time had a new piece going as I worked in my studio. I’m beginning to see a correlation between my work times and Mewsette’s inspirational moments.

black cat with cardboard
The cardboard mewse speaks to Mewsette as she begins another important work.

The party’s over. After a vigorous play session, they all settled down for naps. I finished a few hours of framing without interruption or feline assistance—and no black cat hairs under the glass in my frames! And, of course, I cleaned up the mess. But that’s only an extension of my own mess.

two black cats asleep
The party’s over. Mewsette and Giuseppe settle on the well worn cardboard after having made a big mess.

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