Daily Photo: Not Socially Sharing My Box

two black cats in box
The air fairly crackles with tension.

The air fairly crackles with tension as silly, innocent Jelly Bean steps into a box that has obviously been claimed by Mr. Sunshine, who was in no mood to share. Then Bean had the audacity to just stand there and be nice and polite, which really made Sunshine mad because you can’t hit a brother who’s being nice and polite! But you can say something vile in cat language and see if he’ll go away. (He did not.)

two black cats in box
(Sunshine’s comments could not be repeated here.)

. . . . . . .

What other photos did I share on this date?

Mr. Sunshine Packs an Order, 2013
black cat on table
Mr. Sunshine is ready to get to work.

Or: “It’s all about Mr. Sunshine.”

Today’s shipping supervisor was Mr. Sunshine, and he is rigorous in his inspection of all I do. Above, it’s his mission, and he has chosen to accept it.

Below, he checks into the box to make certain I have constructed it properly.

black cat looking in box
Mr. Sunshine checks the box after I have constructed it.

Then once I have the order packed, he checks to make certain all materials are fixed in place so nothing will be damaged while shipping.

black cat looking in box
Mr. Sunshine checks inside the box after the order is packed

Finally, the box is filled and Mr. Sunshine can celebrate a satisfying activity as only a cat can, but following it up with a bath.

black cat having bath
Mr. Sunshine can celebrate with a bath.

Mr. Sunshine is very proud of his work.

black cat on table
Mr. Sunshine rests after a job well done.

And I’m left wondering what happened to my time management skills and why I never seem to get anything done. But I’d get nothing done at all if Mr. Sunshine didn’t help. And it would be no fun at all if I couldn’t take photos.

. . . . . . .

And Today’s Studio Cat is… 2012
black cat on stool
Mewsette looking artsy.


A perfect sunny spot for a kitty to bathe and enjoy life, Mewsette occupied the art stool at the easel today, and is looking quite artsy herself, a very rounded and introspective subject amid all those angled objects and contrasty light and shadow.

I desaturated the photo because the pine finish on the seat was just such a warm amber it was distracting, drawing attention to itself. I did, however, retain the green in her eyes.

. . . . . . .

Kelly and the Blue Ribbon Snake! 2011
tortie cat with blue ribbon
Kelly With the Blue Ribbon Snake

That’s certainly a wild look on Kelly’s face as she tosses the ribbon in the air, catches it in her mouth and swats it with her paw! Look at those eyes! I surely wouldn’t want to be prey of any sort to look up and see that coming at me. She’s actually standing on her hind legs and I was lucky to catch her in mid swing as she leaped up from a crouch with this little piece of ribbon that totally set her off. She had been bouncing around on it as if her paws had springs and whirling like a dervish. Who needs toys if a bit of ribbon can do this?

Remember, this is shy, gentle Kelly torturing this piece of ribbon. But she was always my main mouser until the Big Four came along. She’s such a sweet kitty, I guess she saves all her tortitude for when it’s needed most. Still, at 17, I’m glad to see her playing as wildly as she did when she was younger. What an imagination to turn a scrap of blue satin ribbon into a snake!

Kelly had a bit of the wild cat in her!

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  • April 16, 2014 at 10:09 pm

    I don’t think I would want to hear what Mr Sunshine is saying to his brother there..lol..

    • April 17, 2014 at 11:28 am

      I think we can all get the gist of it, Bluemoonalone!


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