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Daily Photo: Morty at the Vet, and Integrations

black cat in carrier
Morty went right into his carrier at the vet.

Morty started out the week by putting droplets of bloody pee in the litterbox. Sunday night he was fine, was hungry and active, Monday morning he was miserable, hadn’t eaten, and was straining in the box. His FLUTD is more stress-based as we’ve found, and I was gone for several days. I’m sure that frightened him, big brave boy that he is.

As when this has happened before I consult with Dr. Elgersma and begin the anti-inflammatory herbs that help to keep him flowing with a small dose of gabapentin for stress. I let him out of his room to roam the house with Mr. Max since Monday was the first day of this heat wave and that was what I had planned when this heat was forecast. He headed for the basement first thing, the nice cool concrete floor and easy litterboxes. I observed him all day and he continued producing drops, then a tablespoon or so, typical of the slowly reducing inflammation. He ate well, and stayed in his room overnight. But Tuesday he was still urinating in the same pattern. I felt for his bladder and did not find anything of significance, messaged with Dr. Elgersma and continued another day with the herbs.

In the meantime, he was doing pretty well around the house. In the past he’s pretty much ignored the other cats, but they tend to stay out of his way. But he seems to be obsessed with Basil. He finds Basil and usually tries to start something. Basil used to run but he stands his ground, although it’s clear his frightened. I don’t let it go on but distract them with treats. If Morty persists, I put him back in his room. But he was just going and hanging out near Basil, and Basil seemed to tolerate it. I hoped it was a change in his integration, but I also wondered if this obsession might be based on a memory of Morty’s own mother or a sibling. He has some of the behavior of a cat who may have been taken from his family sooner than was right for him, and may not have learned how to greet new cats. Below, Basil was already there, watching me cook, and Morty hopped up behind him.

two longhaired black cats
Basil and Morty, brothers from another mother.

Tuesday night, even though Morty still did not seem to have a full bladder I knew he was in some pain. I decided the next day I’d be in Rivers Veterinary’s parking lot before they opened so I could get Morty in early to have them check the state of his bladder and possibly give him some medication. They didn’t find a full bladder either and in fact there wasn’t enough in it to collect a specimen for a urinalysis. They suggested an anti-inflammatory like Onsior to help him along with reducing inflammation, and I would try to get a clean sample from him at home by following him around with a jar…I’ve done it lots of times before and it’s time-consuming but really the easiest way to accomplish the collection.

I let him out when I came back, but he felt better than he had in a few days and instead of hanging out with Basil he chased Basil into the basement and was pleased with himself. So he and Mr. Max have had to spend some time in their room. I open the door with the screens in place for a while when I’m up there and have a good fan, and that room is quite shaded by the spruce and the river birch. But I also always know where he is, and I can check the box in there. And the floor—when he was really bad there were little puddles of pee all over the floor. Not so now.

So we’ll see how this ends out. But I spent most of Monday and Tuesday following him around and now I finally get to sit. But I don’t think that Morty will block this time, and I have some hope that we’ll be able to keep moving forward with his socialization.

And don’t forget to scroll down and see some awesome fun photos from previous years!

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From around this date in past years

Giuseppe Stealing the Spotlight, 2023

two black cats on landing
Giuseppe stealing the spotlight.

Giuseppe would say that the spotlight is on him, and rightly so. Jelly Bean would tell you that Giuseppe has always been good at stealing the spotlight. Two different stories, but eventually they settled down for a nap together sharing the sun puddle until the light moved away from the window.

From around this date in past years

Demands, 2022

three bloack cats


Who could refuse?

Not sure what demands I agreed to though.

They line up on the cabinet several times a day and I have sooooo many photos of them. You’d think I’d quit photographing them up there, but no….I don’t always get a chance to share them, but I have lots to choose from when I do. I’m usually cooking, eating, washing dishes, some kitcheny stuff, which I enjoy, and I also enjoy sharing it with my cats.

I did install the cabinet there for me to use as a sort of kitchen island, but they embraced it as soon as I moved it there. It’s exactly what they need as cats to join me in the kitchen safely. What they really want is to see what I’m doing, not necessarily to get into what I’m doing—unless it’s a food they like, but most of the time they just look at me like this when they think it’s a food they like instead of just hopping into it.

And the memories of kitties on the cabinet in the kitchen predates the clowder of housepanthers. Cookie, Kelly, Peaches, Namir, Stanley, and many fosters also supurrvised me from that vantage. They are all sweet memories, as well as current loves.


From Instagram

No new ones today!


From the back yard and beyond

Azure Among the Raindrops

From around this date in past years

Awake, 2021

three black cats

For some reason, when they should be fast asleep tucked into their baskets on a summer afternoon, they are awake. Purrhaps my very appreciation of them keeps them awake. I think I might stay awake if someone was staring at me while I tried to sleep too. Don’t worry, they got their beauty sleep. It’s a small price to pay to keep the human happy and inspired. And we think this would be a great Basket Day photo too.


From Instagram

The girls had some fun in the sun, now they have it made in the shade. Ah, summer, such purrfect weather.

two black cats
Mewsette and Mimi

From the back yard and beyond

Good Morning!

Click the image to read more about this photo on my daily photo blog Today.

Good Morning!


From around this date in past years

Whiskers Alight, 2020

black cat whiskers
Basil and his whiskers.

Oh, my, Basil has whiskers all over the place for whisker Wednesday and a bonus nose lick for tongue out Thursday.

Basil is even better this week than last. He was eating and acting and moving around just fine but looked a little dazed and was very quiet, but he really wasn’t his usual overeager self, talkative, playful, really physically active. But this week he’s been back to himself. I called my veterinarian and told her that Basil had his sparkle back.


From Instagram

Mimi had a good idea about keeping cool today. It was very hot!

black cat in the grass
Mimi in the grass

MooMoo is keeping an eye on Denise across the street so he’s the first to know when she serves dinner, and he’s doin’ it with style.

black and white cat
MooMoo peering over the wall.


And photos from the back yard and beyond

Spreading some spearmint goodness with whoever wants some. I let it grow in my grass so it smells nice when I walk through it, and it’s also a natural insect repellent. It’s not native to North America, but the bees and other pollinators love it. Just don’t put it in your flower or vegetable garden because well-behaved plants don’t stand a chance.


Looks like fun, wish I could fit in that birdbath!



From around this date in past years

The Season for Serious Bird Drama, 2019

Four cats watching the bird drama.
Four cats watching the bird drama.

A noisy clutch of baby wrens is fledging in our little courtyard and their parents are everywhere at once. Very gripping drama. Mimi, Mariposa, Giuseppe and Sienna lined up to watch the show. Here are a few closeups, and then the baby wrens.

Mariposa watching the wrens.
Mariposa watching the wrens.
Sienna and Bella.
Sienna and Bella.

And the baby wrens. Baby birds always look like grumpy birds.

Grumpy Wren

Photos shared in past years

Basket Nap With Video, 2017

Basket Nap, Scene 1
Basket Nap, Scene 1

The yellow basket continues to be a favorite napping spot, and Giuseppe and Bean have been favorite napping partners since they were kittens.

Basket Nap, Scene 2
Basket Nap, Scene 2

Giuseppe kind of acts like the pillow while Bean likes to sleep in a ball, so he tucks himself into Giuseppe’s belly.

Basket Nap, Scene 3
Basket Nap, Scene 3

The yawn starts another segment of the nap.

Basket Nap, Scene 4
Basket Nap, Scene 4

I recorded just a short portion of the nap, doing my best to get the purrrrrr, so you might need to turn up your speakers.


Photos posted on or around this date in previous years


Blue Pitcher With Black Cat, 2013

Blue Pitcher
Blue Pitcher

Don’t be silly, human. Who would be interested in a photo of a dumb blue pitcher?

I think this is much better.

Blue Pitcher With Cat
Blue Pitcher With Cat

I have to say, I do like it, Mr. Sunshine, subtle, almost abstract. I have some talented cats here.

I also had way more photos of the blue pitcher with black cats in them than without.

This was the final photo I chose, without cats—just for jollies, even though no one would really want to see a photo of a dumb blue pitcher without any cats in it. I had my DSLR in my right hand and my left arm around Mr. Sunshine, Giuseppe and Mewsette on the cabinet, holding them against me as they struggled, and waving my right foot at Mimi and Bean on the floor to decoy them from jumping up. So I was standing on my left foot and doing the hokey pokey, and I don’t know why the photo is as clear as it is, or how I got the angle I wanted showing a bit of the table above it…


And don’t forget, you too can have talented photo assistants and feline art directors in your home—and I can vouch for the creativity of black cats. During Adopt-a-Cat Month, you can easily find your next interior decorator or social critic!


Five in the studio, sleeping.
Five in the studio, sleeping.

I ran some errands and came back to it later.

“A friend gave me this tee about 25 years ago. Sometimes when I go to clean up at the bathroom sink I look at myself in the mirror and see that I’ve been literally immersing myself in my work. Mimi insisted upon adding a little fur to it too. “

The "creative kitten" tee.
The “creative kitten” tee.

Finally, getting to the fun part.

“Sewing buttons on each bag while Mimi gives herself a luxury bath on the rest of the bag and she I’m honored she wants to be close to me, I guess.”

Mimi bathing on the bag while I attempt to sew buttons on it.
Mimi bathing on the bag while I attempt to sew buttons on it.

I enjoyed all the moral support, and I did manage to get everything ready!

What was I working on in some of these photos? See below!

. . . . . . .

Other Photos Posted On or Around This Date…

Must be good days for working in the studio.

Warm and Cool, 2016
Warm and Cool
Warm and Cool

So how many colors are in a black cat? I see many colors in Giuseppe, especially the warm sunlight flowing in the window and the cool blue light reflected from the sky right next to it, along with all his wonderful mahogany and burgundy and even green and purple tones in his fur. Black, like white, contains many colors. But I don’t think Giuseppe cares at all about what colors are in his fur. I think he’s thinking about Mlle. Daisy Emerald Marguerite on the beginning of this Memorial Day weekend.

Not at all like Mewsette, below, from 2014.

. . . . . . .

Other Photos Posted On or Around This Date…

Wordless Wednesday: Surprise, 2014
black cat peaking over edge

. . . . . . .

Studio Cats, 2012
two black cats in studio
Bean yawns as Mimi looks bored to tears.

Sorry to bore you, Jelly Bean, as I earn your daily bread!

Mimi sits over on the windowsill looking dazed and confused.

Am I the only one around here having a productive day?

But then, what is a productive day for a cat?

Actually, both of them are miffed at me because I wouldn’t let them on my work table. Sorry, black cats, other people don’t find your fur charming when it’s framed into their pictures. You only want to be on the table when I’m using it, otherwise you have no interest.

You know I eventually lost this argument, as you can see below when Mr. Sunshine took over my framing tools.

black cat playing with tools
Mr. Sunshine can use two tools at once.

My mom thinks I’m helping her work, but I’m actually doing a lot of the work myself. Look how well I’m handling both the spool of that really fun plastic-coated wire—and you know how I love my plastic—at the same time as I am tasting one of those long metal things. I can do this! Just lay everything out in front of me and I’ll take care of things.

Everything must be tasted; mom laughs and says I relate the the world by chewing on it. I don’t know what that means because how else could I determine anything about an object I’ve never seen? Or one I have seen but haven’t seen in a while? Or one I see all the time but just feel like I have to bite it?

I even let mom use my tools as long as I’m not using them already.

Here I am when the work is all done. I’m very proud of my work.

black cat with tools
Mr. Sunshine is proud of his tools.

Feline logic, it just can’t be argued with.

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charcoal sketch of two black cats asleep
“Front and Back”, white and black charcoal on toned paper, 8″ x 5″ © Bernadette E. Kazmarski

Giuseppe and Jelly Bean were sharing the same spot of sun on the landing today, contentedly tucked side to side, facing opposite directions. Jelly Bean looks like just a pile of something. Giuseppe at least has ears. They were absolutely fast asleep. Read more and purchase.


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