Daily Photo: Mimi Explores the Garden

black cat with paw lifted
Mimi is ready, with paw lifted.

Mimi is ready for action! Her habit of lifting her right paw when she stops to think is so frequent I always picture her that way.

Mimi hears the jingle of the bell on her bright green collar (we’re looking for an appropriately princess pink one) and she knows it’s time to go outdoors with me. She’d been trying to bust out all day but came in view of my leg in her way each time so gave it up. I was making use of the warm day, though rainy, to move things around outdoors and into my shed and asked her to be patient until I was done.

black cat with barrel
Mimi rubs herself along the sides of the barrel.

This brick patio outside the basement door and the brick and mud paths were her stomping ground before she moved in here, as she stalked chipmunks and voles to feed her babies. Sometimes when we go outdoors she seems ready to take off, but I think that’s just Mimi feeling good. We don’t like the leash since it only gets tangled on things, so she wears a bright green breakaway collar with a jingly little bell so I know where she is, and I make sure I am not otherwise occupied when she is outside with me.

But she usually stays with me. In fact just after she wrapped herself around this barrel giving it a good circular rub I had walked to the end of the brick path to the wilder section of the garden. I turned around and told her how pretty she was and she trotted along the path to me, rubbing the good smells from the barrel onto my legs along with her own scent so that all that lived in the garden might know I belong to her. We had a good barefoot walk in the garden.

black cat and bare feet
Mimi and I enjoy our barefoot time in the garden in January.

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