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Daily Photo: Mewsette With Daffodils

black cat with daffodils
Sitting on my shoulder.

Mewsette supurrvises from my back while I lie on the ground to photograph the daffodils from ground level.

black cat with daffodils
Mewsette poses with the daffodils.

We had a great time with the daffodils this afternoon. I’ve been getting ready for the event this weekend but I like to take an afternoon break, and Mimi and Mewsette agree.

black cat with daffodils
Studying the daffodils with Mimi in the picnic table.

Mewsette sleeps on me so settling on me while I’m lying on the ground was just like normal. She was happy to check out the daffodils while I photographed them, and above you can see Mimi’s silhouette up on the picnic table, probably glad for once it was Mewsette and and not her who had to pose with the pretty flowers.

black cat with daffodils
Mewsette studies the daffodils.

I was a little shocked at how muddy I was when I got up, but it all comes out in the wash. Back to work!

me with mud
Me covered with mud.

Mewsette gets the last word!

black cat with daffodils
Mewsette always has something to say.


From Instagram

Mariposa basks at the furnace vent

Mariposa is basking in front of the furnace vent, the warm air blowing her fur around, and air kneading with her paws. Quite a difference from the abandoned house she grew up in. This is the life.

Last week and over the weekend, getting ready for my Saturday event.

Quality control for my Bella dish towels. Getting ready for the event tomorrow. Everything must be scrutinized by at least one feline, preferably more. Sewing eyes on the dishtowels I printed. Do your dishtowels have eyes?

Simba inspects the dishtowels

Sometimes their help is, well…

…a little overshelming!

My display at the Pet Search Spring 2022 Art, Craft and Vendor Show. The event went well and was fun, lots of sharing stories and talking to other creative people, crowd was good even though it snowed all day.

My display at PetSearch.

Hamlet is wondering why Sienna is in his favorite crawl space on top of the boxes on top of the shelves between the rafters next to the furnace vent in the basement, but this morning Sienna got there first, and it looks like she means business. Who will win this prized cozy spot on a blustery, snowy spring day?

Hamlet and Sienna negotiate.

From the garden and beyond

I’m really ready for spring, but the snow squalls were really spectacular over the weekend.


From around this date in past years

Lunchtime Fun With Giuseppe, 2201

black cat with bib
Giuseppe is ready for lunch.

Just having a little lunch time fun in the kitchen with Giuseppe. We play a little treat game in the middle of the afternoon for enrichment and extra food for Giuseppe. It’s really fun for both of us! He doesn’t always have to wear the yellow striped bib because he has to be able to run and jump for his treats, but he’ll suffer a small indignity for his treats.

I shared this photo last week and everyone really enjoyed it, so I decided to feature Giuseppe rather than stash him down in the Instagram section. He puts up with a lot from me when I get in a silly mood. He doesn’t look like it, but he loves it. You can’t hear him purring.

Off and on for the past couple of years Giuseppe has had some GI issues, vomiting foam and liquid before and between meals, and losing some weight. He was not lethargic, but not his usual active self. Since my veterinarian retired I’ve been talking to a few other veterinarians, but even with that there is a wait for an appointment, and trying to figure out what the problem is could be several appointments. My former veterinarian and I talked on the phone regularly as part of care, rather than scheduling multiple appointments, and that was one of the things I appreciated most about working with her. But Dr. Michelle gave Giuseppe some treatments and then I decided on a few things that would help in between. We decided that if he improved, we could wait for an appointment.

Giuseppe has always wanted more attention than his siblings. He needs to feel special, and sometimes with nine other cats he doesn’t feel so special. He could be a little reactive, even with his mom and his siblings, and I recognize that in his demeanor. Add to that the GI issues and possible nausea, stomach and intestinal cramps and just general unease, and we had a number of things to work on, including some supplements and adding an extra meal.

I am not a big fan of the red dot, but when I used to play with them with it Giuseppe was obsessed. It’s on a keychain, so any time he would hear the little jingle of the keychain he would be on red alert. Years ago he would even come running over and sit waiting if I opened the drawer where I’d kept it. I decided Giuseppe and I could have a little red dot game at some point during the day, in the kitchen, and integrate some food into it. He wasn’t finishing his food at breakfast, so I held that for early afternoon, and this worked out well because I’ve also been considering a third meal each day for a couple of years. So Giuseppe gets to chase the red dot around the kitchen for a few minutes, then I start tossing freeze-dried meat treats around and following them with the red dot. After a few minutes of that, Giuseppe gets his leftovers. He is thrilled just to chase the red dot and will chase it even without me tossing treats around. But put it all together and he is one happy cat.

But every so often I dress him up in something stupid and he loves that too.


From Instagram

Yes, Mariposa, just like that. She is such an intuitive little meowdel.

Mariposa the little mode,.

There are birds right outside the window! Windows open for the first time. It’s the Fancy Boys.

Fancy Boys birdwatching.

From the Back Yard and Beyond

First daffodil, one of the tough old vintage ones that I dug up from an abandoned farm about to be plowed under for development. Glad to keep them going and preserve them for the people who planted them along the road to the upper pasture decades ago.

First daffodil.


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Watching the World in profile.
Watching the World in profile.

Giuseppe was watching Mr. Cardinal singing his spring song on this particular afternoon and I watched the light and images reflect on his eye and admiring his profile. Read more and purchase.


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4 thoughts on “Daily Photo: Mewsette With Daffodils

  • mewsette I totally agree and could not have said it better if the exact same words were to come out of my mouth myself and I hope your day is as FABulous as you with hugs from dai$y =^..*= ♥♥

    • It’s getting warm again and we’ll have to do it all over again!

  • Our daffodils and narcissus are weeks away from blooming, so these images are lovely to see!
    We also had a snow flurry event recently; thankfully, it’s all melted away but it’s still rather cold.
    Then again, I’m not exactly ready for shorts and t-shirts weather!!! Ha!

    • I’m so glad they’re here! We just had several days well below freezing and snow on the ground, but today it’s one step back to warmer. I was in shorts and tee a couple of weeks ago! Hope it moves in soon for you!


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