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Daily Photo: Kitty Sorrows

black cat with glass of wine

Is Giuseppe considering drowning a few kitty sorrows in a glass of white wine? He certainly doesn’t look too happy. What is it—Mlle. so far away? Bored with life here? What could a cat who has everything be unhappy about?

Or is it just his moody artistic nature? He wasn’t chosen for the role of “Rodolfo” in La Boheme? Well, we creative types do have our challenges.

Giuseppe’s mom and brother join him in commiserating.

three cats with glass of wine
Comforting family members.

Bean, always compassionate offers a few suggestions to lighten up. “He bro, wanna watch some kitty porn?”

two black cats with wine
Hey bro…

What other photos did I feature on this date?


Wordless Wednesday: I Just Love My Brother
two black cats
Bean and Giuseppe.

. . . . . . .

Mewsette Makes a Good Cat Bed, 2013
two black cats in box
Mimi looks pretty smug about the arrangement.

Yesterday Mimi curled up on Giuseppe, now it’s Mewsette. Mimi reserves the right to use her children as soft and warm cat beds any time she pleases—you can see this in her expression.

Mewsette has been persisting in her newly-transformed box; in fact, that’s how she learned what the box wanted to be. Though she considers her installation to be complete, she still curls up deep inside the box.

Her tiny Mama Mimi (accents on the second syllables for my French cats) gently steps into the box and curls up on top of Mewsette, barely making a dent, and not bothering Mewsette in the least. Nice, soft, furry, warm, purry cat bed, Mimi obviously thinks, and it’s one of those reasons you have children.

two black cats in box
Once they’ve cuddled in, this is what they look like.
Bath En Plein Air, 2013
Black cat washing face.
Emeraude carefully washes her lower jaw.

Emeraude was on her windowsill again yesterday afternoon, having a good bath after a mid-day meal. From October 6, the day she began acting a little subdued, she hasn’t paid any attention to her windowsill at all, but has just been sleeping on her fleece bed on the floor, eating well, but very quiet. So it was good to see her yesterday finish her food and head for the three step journey to the windowsill—toilet, sink, window—and then spend the warm afternoon enjoying the sun and the air, a little bit of her old self. Each time I went in the bathroom she stood up and greeted me with her not-so-pretty voice. I hated to disturb her.

She’s been feeling better with some sub-q fluid support and supplements and another acupuncture treatment. Nothing has gotten in the way of her appetite. Read more about Emeraude.

. . . . . . .

Wordless Wednesday: Remembering
two black cats by window
Giuseppe and Mr. Sunshine in a moment of solemn remembering.

. . . . . . .

Shadow Kitty, 2012
shadows on door cat and leaves
Shadow Kitty, subtle

The gentle mixed shadows reminded me of an illustration, and yet it changed every second with the sun, moving near midday shining through layers of trees at a long angle into the bathroom window, past the tall maples and the shorter tulip poplar and even shorter mulberry to the pussy willow right outside the window. Jelly Bean sat on the sink, head tilted toward the faucet, waiting for his human to “get it”, just the top of his head showing at the very bottom of the frame.

Then just a little later he moved up to the windowsill and look like a monster kitty heading into the room!

shadows on door cat and leaves
Shadow Kitty, large.

. . . . . . .

Mimi on My Shoulders Makes Me Happy, 2011
black cat on shoulder
Mimi on my shoulder.

Above, Mimi supervises my work from the best angle she can find—my left shoulder.

This is the cat who was always just a little cool about touching. She could do the limbo under your hand and bend herself into some pretty complicated shapes in order not to be touched.

Mimi was never, ever unfriendly, mind you, but she was not accustomed to being touched in her former home where she lived as a mostly outdoor cat having kittens and pretty much being ignored.

But she has come up with her own little games for attention, some of them involving sitting right in front of me with her back to me or sitting on my right wrist as I work at the computer. This proves to me that she has to take drastic measures in order to be noticed.

She has just begun this practice of getting up onto my shoulders. When I’m working bent over a table, she gets on the table and then steps up onto one of my shoulders. She is so lightweight I hardly know she’s there.

Below, Mimi moves over to my right shoulder do take a break. She works so hard.

black cat on shoulder
Mimi takes a break.

These photos were fun to take. I only had my big DSLR with me, and holding that far enough away from my and focusing without looking through the viewfinder was pretty fun! And all that without dislodging Mimi.

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