Daily Photo: It’s About Time You Came Home

five black cats on desk
It’s about time you got home.

Well, yes, I do leave the house now and then. If this is the greeting I get when I come back, I’m not sure I want to come in the door—I’m either glared at or ignored.  But as soon as I sit down in my chair they are all over me. I think they expect me to leave again and they are actually a little confused. I was working at this desk early, then got up to run to the bank for a deposit when they opened and came right back, and was gone for all of 20 minutes. This is not what we usually do in the morning. Now life can get back to normal.

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Time For Studio Wrestling!, 2013
two black cats wrestling
The match begins!

For tonight’s championship match—in one corner we have Sir Jelly of Bean, 10 pounds of pure charm, a purr that shakes the walls and terminally cute. In the other corner we have his brother, Giuseppe Basil Verdi, 13 pounds of solid black intensity, a voice that can shatter a crystal chandelier and a face that charms the whiskers right off the lady cats—he’s wrestling tonight for Mlle. Daisy Emerald Marguerite, far away in Kingston but no doubt watching her mancat on international TV. They are known opponents and the walls will tremble when they begin!

Giuseppe has pulled his famous move—throwing himself down on his back so he can use all four paws to flip his opponent over his head, but not after delivering a solid right hook! But Sir Jelly holds his ground and lays down on Giuseppe’s face! Who will win?!

two black cats wrestling
Who will win this epic match?!

I’m not the only one who remembers studio wrestling, am I? What’s funny is how their mother is ignoring them in the top photo…see more episodes of studio wrestling!

. . . . . . .

A Sunny Afternoon Spot, 2011
four black cats on bed in the sun
Sleepy in the Sun

I wondered why I was alone at my desk. I went upstairs, and look what I found on my bed. What is my company compared to a quiet, sunny spot on a soft bed in the afternoon?

I just melt when I see them all together in tranquil settings like this. They may awaken and look at me with sleepy expressions, a little purr, a little bath for one another, then go back to sleep. They love each other so much, and I deeply appreciate their bonds with each other, their fusion as a group.

I do my best to join their warm little world, storing up information for a future painting or poem. What was the color of the sun on the bedspread? Who had the most mahogany in their fur? Didn’t the green leaves from the maple tree reflect into the shadowed areas of the white bedspread? Was the room warm? Could we hear the birds? Was there a whiff of lilacs?

This is only four; Giuseppe was in the cat cube, which yesterday was in the kitchen.

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3 thoughts on “Daily Photo: It’s About Time You Came Home

  • May 7, 2014 at 9:42 pm

    The stare.
    We make sure Mom understands the meaning of that look 😉 heehee
    Remember…Cats Rule !
    Purrs Georgia and Julie,
    Treasure, JJ
    and Angels Tiger and Tillie

  • May 7, 2014 at 12:01 pm

    How dare you leave..you must get your priorities straight B..Priority #1 = Cats..Priority #2 = whatever said Cats want..lol


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