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Daily Photo: Is Life A Bowl of Cherries?

black cat with bowl of cherries
Mewsette scans the bowl of cherries for meaning.

If any cat can find deep meaning in seemingly inanimate objects, Mewsette would be the one. Two years ago she tried to determine if life was a bowl of cherries if you were a cat, but that was before the cardboards began asking to be interpreted. She held still and listened in her own unique method, but nothing was apparently transmitted from the cherries or the bowl. She thinks a bowl of cherries is just a bowl of cherries. Such an existentialist cat, my Mewsette.

Mewsette moved her essence elsewhere and the box was occupied by the boys, Jelly Bean and Mr. Sunshine. Bean is not known for mental depth, but great depth of compassion. He would love the cherries for what they are and not expect more of them. Mr. Sunshine asked me to not waste his time with something in which I know he has no interest of any sort.

two black cats with bowl of cherries
They boys aren’t sure either.

I think this probably means that, for cats, a bowl of cherries is not a life. Perhaps that was what Mewsette thought the cardboard was saying when she gave it a test bite as you see above.

. . . . . . .

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Giuseppe, She’s Looking, 2013
two black cats with computer
Giuseppe’s in trouble!

“Giuseppe, you need to get off the computer right NOW! Mama Bernadette saw us!”

What are you boys doing, watching kitty porn?

I’m not sure what was up, but Mr. Sunshine has a darned guilty look on his face. But then, he always does. And he usually is. If anything, he figured out how the computer works and set up e-mail and Facebook accounts for all the cats in the house. Cats these days! They own the internet!

. . . . . . .

Another Day, Another Box, 2013
black cat with box
Mewsette poses with her latest experiment.

“This box won’t give up its secrets so easily,” Mewsette comments on her latest work.

Mewsette has put some time into pondering this box and made a few experimental tastings. She has found the box to be rather rigid and uncommunicative.

Now it’s time for Mewsette to rest and ponder her discoveries and visualizations. A sunny spot is most amenable to like activities. Such is the life of the famous feline cardboard interpretation artist in her work. The human must not move the box as Mewsette ponders its message.

black cat in box
Now it is time to nap and dream.

This pattern she calls “Wandering” because it describes her wandering thoughts as she impressed it on the box.

black cat in box
She tested the other edges as well.

See more of Mewsette’s cardboard interpretations.

. . . . . . .

Go To Bed, 2013
two black cats on desk
“Go to bed.”

“We think you should go to bed,” Giuseppe said. “Don’t start something new. You look tired. We are not moving from your work area, so you might as well just give up.”

Well, it is 1:15 a.m., but that’s just the beginning of the possible bedtime hour for me.

He was right, but I think it was less out of concern for me than for their late breakfast the next morning if I stayed up too late the night before. I obeyed the feline directive, though, and fell asleep listening to the rain, and that was a very good idea.

. . . . . . .

Others’ Fine Felines: Cranberry in Sunshine, 2013
Siamese cat in sun
Cranberry Sunning.

A sculptural Cranberry suns herself on her front step.

Our cousin kitty Cranberry lives with a friend, and when I go to visit I am always sure to get at least one photo of her.

Below, do you see that long path of sun that leads right to Cranberry? She tells me that the sun is shining at just this angle, between the houses and under the porch roof, because she has chosen to nap here. Cats really do think they rule the world and can tell the sun just what to do.

siamese cat in the sun
The sun is shining because of me.

. . . . . . .

Asleep, 2012
black and white photo of cat on windowsill

On a sweet summer afternoon Mewsette stretches herself belly-down on the marble windowsill, balancing her paws, all those interesting shadows and the reflected light falling all around her.

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Petties 2014

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